Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 226- An Eel First

Today, I ate eel for my “first.”
I had never eaten eel before. I’ve caught an eel or two while fishing.  This is not a particularly attractive animal.  They really are ugly. It looks too much like a snake for me. Eels kind of give me the “heebie jeebies.”  Once in a while we would catch one while fishing and typically, that particular one the Lord would see fit to call him home. 
Tonight, Laura and I ate at a Japanese Sushi Bar restaurant.  While looking over the menu, I saw  bar-b-q eel. It was a sushi kind of thing. You can get 2 for $3.25 so Laura decided to join in on my “first” and try one with me.  The eel was on some rice.  Let’s just say that the rice was the best part of this meal.  Laura said it tasted too fishy and only ate one bite (there is really only about 2 bites to the little eel roll/rice thing).  I ate all of mine, but declined to finish hers for her.  She had ordered hibachi beef and I had ordered hibachi shrimp and we both enjoyed our main course much better than we did the eel.  Still, it was an interesting “first.”
There were other first options besides eel
Bar-b-q eel sushi

After I ate the eel, the thing that I thought about was how I really don’t like eels.  So today, I struck back.  I ate one. There are times when there are things in my life that are ugly, unattractive, and not helping.  You probably know what I’m referring to.  The ugly and unattractive things can be impatience, anger, talk that is not edifying, sour attitudes, and things like those. At times, I’ve just sort of let these things sit there in my life without really doing much about it.  I knew they were not helpful or a very good witness for Jesus.  They were not helping me to have a strong family.  There comes a time where I have to fight back in the power of the Spirit and do something about it.  Those ugly things will not usually just leave without a fight. I have to be filled with the Spirit and fight back.  Ephesians 6:10 says, “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”  I need to hate the ugly and unattractive things in my life like I hate catching an eel.  I need to hate it enough to do something about it.  Sin should repulse me.
The good news is that God has given us spiritual weapons to fight back with. We are not alone in our fight against the sin that steals our joy in the Lord.  We have the weapons of prayer, faith, the Bible, and godly friends that can help us.  When we do win a battle, we need to be sure that we allow God to fill that place where that ugly thing used to be with something beautiful.  Instead of the anger, we can have joy. Instead of the impatience, we can have peace.  Instead of the sour attitude, we can have a loving attitude.  The things that God wants to fill our lives with are so much better than the ugly stuff. That is why I ate one small piece of eel, but I ate a lot of shrimp tonight. You can know that there is one less eel in the world today.  Of course, there are more to deal with just like we have more ugly stuff to deal with. Starting today to get rid of the ugly stuff is way better than starting tomorrow.

 I read a quote a few days back that said, “God’s will is what you would choose if you knew all the facts.”  Let’s choose His way over the ugly!

Choosing the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Grilled shrimp
2. I live in a place where I have a lot of food choices
3. Knees 

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