Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 235- A Double Daughter First

Hannah Grace came up with the title for today's "first."  There was a group called the Missoula Children's Theater in Andalusia this week and they put a production called Aladdin today. I took Hannah Grace to see this for my "first" today. We've never been to a Missoula Children's Theater Production before.

This was really impressive.  This company is based out of Missoula, Montana. Two adults with the company came into Andalusia and had auditions for area teens and children that would like to be in the performance of Aladdin on Monday. They performed it on Friday for the area elementary schools and today for the general public.  Wow, they had 3 days of practice to pull off an hour long performance with acting, memorizing lines, and singing. It appeared to me there were close to 50 children performing in this play. Aladdin was played by the guy with the company and the rest of the people were teens and younger from here in Covington County. 

Hannah Grace really enjoyed the play.  Joel had seen it yesterday as part of the elementary bunch that was invited to see it as a field trip.  I think they invited the 4th grades from various schools.  He give it a big thumbs up. Hannah Grace said it was very cool.  She liked the parts where they were chasing each other around the stage and into the audience. I liked the jokes the palm trees told and found the addition of penguins to the play an intriguing twist.  Penguins cast in a play that takes place in the desert was a bit unexpected and very cute.  Seeing people we knew do so well in the play was probably my favorite part.

This is titled a double daughter "first" today because after the play Hannah Grace and I went to Wal-Mart and she wanted to try a Starbucks cold coffee.  From the time I mentioned we were going to Wal-Mart she immediately started asking for a Starbucks coffee. I told her I would make her a cup of coffee if she really wanted one.  Somehow, me making a cup of coffee that costs probably 25 cents is not the same as buying a cold Starbucks coffee that cost $2.78.  I bought her a Starbucks cold coffee (mocha flavor) for a "first" as well. She's never had a coffee before.  This could prove to be a bad mistake.  I was pretty sure she would not like it. She says she loves it.  I said, "Really?" She said yes and that it needed more chocolate.  I suggested chocolate milk, but somehow I think not having Starbucks in the name makes that not nearly as cool.

Desert penguins


This is before she drank it; perhaps you see the reason for my hesitation

As I watched the play today, I was impressed with what they did with this many children in so short a time. It was a real reminder that children can learn quickly and can accomplish a lot when given the right instruction.  Before we went, I had been watching the Little League World Series. These guys are playing at such a high level for 12 year olds.  Once again, it's truly impressive what young people can accomplish and learn when given the proper instruction and right enthusiasm.

I think this is a message for the church.  Our children can learn a lot more than we think they can.  They can also accomplish a lot. We don't need to undersell how powerfully God can use teenagers and children. Some of the great revivals in the world started with people under 25 years of age.  If you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher of young people in a church, let this be an encouragement to you to pour God's word into young hearts and expect that they can do a lot with it. Let's give proper instruction and good enthusiasm to seeing that our children really grab on to Jesus with a passionate love.  That's more important than any other activity they can be involved in. It will ultimately be the only thing that truly matters.

Learning in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Bible teachers that teach children
2. Youth pastors; especially Bro. Jim
3. Mr. Bullock who taught me 4th grade Bible study at church

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