Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 231- A White Tea First

Today, I drank white tea for my "first."

This is something I probably would not have done if it were not for my year of "firsts."  I was in Wal-Mart picking up a few things and was looking for a "first" to do.  I saw this bottle of white tea. I've drank sweet tea and green tea, but I've never had white tea before.  I picked up the bottle and it said this white tea had a hint of mint.  I love mint so that was a plus.  It also said it was healthy. In fact, the back of the bottle said that each sip would take me into the realm of all-natural goodness and that it would satisfy my desire to treat myself and my body with something healthy and rewarding.  The label also said this would be a great addition to my healthy lifestyle.  They may have overshot my lifestyle a bit there.

This all sounded good to me.  So, I bought a bottle and had it with my supper tonight.  It was somewhat less rewarding than I had hoped.  There is a big key here.  There is a word that I should have paid more attention to on the label.  It is the word "unsweetened."  Actually, I did see that word and it bothered me a bit because I'm used to sweet tea.  The mint was pretty good.  The tea was not too bad I think. That unsweetened part sort of spoiled it for me.  If you are a sweet tea drinker, you know that you can't really get it sweet like you want it after it has cooled down.  After a drink or two, I decided to save the rest of it for later. I'd hate to drink it all at one time.

It is a little lighter in color, but not really white

Missing something

As I thought about this, it did strike me that I probably would have bought into this a lot more if the tea had been sweet.  Of course, that probably would have negated the healthy pitch they are making with the white tea.  I can drink healthy white tea or I can drink unhealthy sweet tea. This reminded me of a guy I worked with one time that would drink a Slim Fast for lunch to lose weight. I told him that I did not really like the taste of Slim Fast.  He said, "I put a couple of scoops of ice cream and some sugar in mine and it tastes pretty good."  I think that kind of negated the weight loss deal.

Sometimes we can do this spiritually.  We can read the Bible and/or listen to God's word and then try to obey it with a bit of compromise.  That really negates the ability of the Scripture to bring us closer to Jesus.  If I read where the Bible says to love my enemies (Jesus said that) and I choose to love people that love me but sort of let that enemy deal slide off, that is not really obeying. That's not moving into spiritual health.  If I read where the Bible says to rejoice because my troubles can be used to bring about better character in me (James 1:2-4), but I just think that must be for other people and I gripe and complain about my troubles, then that word is not going to bring about the good in my life that God intends for it.  If I read where the Bible says I should die to myself by taking up my cross and following Jesus, but I choose to obey God only when it is convenient, then I'm not going to benefit from that word. 

So, let's not sweeten God's word up simply so we will like it.  Let's take it in full strength and let it do a work of love and spiritual health in our lives. Wow, I did not see this "first" going this way. This turned out heavier than I thought when I bought the white tea. Maybe I should go get that white tea back out and have another drink.

Wanting the health of abundant living

3 things I thank God for today
1. Seat belts
2. Godly police officers
3. Paper towels

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