Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14- A Dental First

Today was my day for the ole 6 month dental check-up. Plus, I needed to get that cinnamon out of my teeth from yesterday (see yesterday's post if that's confusing). As I'm sitting in the dental chair, I'm thinking what kind of "first" could I do here?  The choices appear pretty slim.  There is some pretty cool equipment here to play with but I'm thinking that's going to get me in trouble. The lady at the desk has already told me that my insurance is not covering as much on my crowns from last October as we thought; so I'm already behind the game with these people.  I don't think breaking a piece of equipment is a great idea.

Dental trips are not really a barrel of fun (monkeys are more fun in barrels).  They are good and necessary if I want healthy teeth.  I do. I had no cavities today!! I think that means that the large amount of sweets that I ate are actually good for my teeth. Maybe not. The dental tooth cleaning lady said I had healthy teeth today and a mouth full of them. Those are her exact words. Was that a compliment or did I get called a big mouth?

Good Dental Plan

Good Dental Habits

No good dental plans available

So, I'm thinking what can I do for a "first." What I come up with is that I ask the dentist and the lady that called me a big mouth if I could pray for them while I ride home.  I don't remember ever asking my dentist and the tooth cleaning lady if I could pray for them. The dentist was very grateful and did have some things he wanted me to pray for as I ride home. He was very clear and specific. Laura would have loved his request.  She is all about praying specifically.  The tooth cleaning lady was not so clear.  She had trouble coming up something.  Maybe she was still dazed by my mouth full of teeth.

The thing I liked about today is that I was able to pray for someone that I may not have if I had not been thinking about a "first."  That's kind of what I was hoping doing a year of firsts would do.  I am asking myself questions that I might not normally ask. I am seeing opportunities to do things that I would not normally see.  Now, I'm going to find a mirror and see about these teeth...

Smiling because of Jesus


3 things I thank God for today
1. A dentist that is caring and gentle
2. A car that has taken me on several long trips lately without breaking down
3. God's faithfulness


  1. I always toy with the gadgets. I don't turn them off and on or try them out; I just like to check them out. You know that old saying "Curiosity killed the cat'? Well, I firmly believe "satisfaction brought him back." And it is nice to know other people struggle to answer the "how can I pray for you?" question. The problem for me is, just how long a list do you want? Or do you only mean one or two things? Because I'm gonna need an hour or two to narrow it down. :)

  2. I want to use the drill on something