Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28- A "What am I" first

It was pretty cold for this part of the country today.  We had some sleet and cold temps.  This made it difficult for a "first".  The children were out of school and we were cooped up in the house together for most of the day.

 Joel suggested we play a new game that Hannah Grace received for her birthday. It's called headbanz. My "first" for today was playing headbanz with Hannah Grace and Joel.  There is also a bonus feature at the end today.

The idea of the game is that you are wearing a headband with a card inserted in it. Everybody can see what is on your card but you.  When it is your turn, you ask questions about what's on your card until you either guess it or the timer runs out.  I quickly found out that this game was either designed for children or I have a pretty big head.  No comments are necessary on that last sentence.

It becomes quickly apparent that asking good questions is the key to this game.  Some questions we found helpful were:
Am I an animal?
Am I a food?
Am I a machine?

I continued asking "Am I a person?" though it was never a helpful question. I thought maybe there would be farmer, clown, or teacher. I was wrong. It turned out to be harder than I thought. There are no categories to narrow down the guessing. Here are a few of our results (the list is not inclusive). Hannah Grace was able to guess cat and hamburger.  She was stumped on butterfly and duck. Joel was able to get elephant and dragon (dragon was impressive, but Hannah Grace let a pretty good hint slip). He was stumped on ice cream and cake.  In fairness to Joel, he does not like desserts very much.  I was able to get fish and mushroom (I'm pretty proud of the mushroom one).  I was stumped on dice (dice? dice?  what kind of question do you ask to get dice?) and goat.  I was pretty bummed about goat. I should have gotten that one. I had it narrowed down to an animal that was sometimes on a farm and was bigger than a dog and smaller than a cow. Man, I should have gotten that one. It was pretty fun and, of course, it doesn't matter who won. That's not even worth mentioning.  The important thing is that we had fun together (I won).

Asking good questions is helpful in headbanz. It is also very helpful in our relationship with Christ.  Instead of asking questions like:
Is this something I want to do?
Is this something that would be fun to do?

It's important to ask questions like:
Is this what God wants me to do?
Will this help me grow closer to Christ?
Will God be glorified in this?

Instead of asking questions about an opportunity like:
How hard will this be?
Will I look silly if I fail?
Can I do this?

We could ask questions like:
Can God do this through me?
Does this give me chance to brag on Jesus?
What does the Bible say about this?

If we are confused about what to do, instead of asking:
What woulod my friends do?
What will my friends think?

I could ask questions like:
What is the wise thing to do?
What is the loving thing to do?
What is the moral thing to do?

If I ask the wrong question, I will get the wrong answer. If I ask the right question, I will have a much better chance of getting the right answer.

Asking questions about the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. The joy on children's faces when they hear the words "no school"
2. Francis Chan's book "Forgotten God"
3. A sleetball fight with the children

Bonus: I had another "first" today. It was not something I actually did so it doesn't qualify.  It was something I heard. I was at the beauty shop to get my hair cut (gave up on the beauty part a long time ago) and I actually overheard two ladies talking and the words "deer urine" were used. I've never heard those words used at a beauty shop before. I have heard them used by men getting ready to go hunting.  Yes, I do live in the South.  Yes, it was worth a good laugh.

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