Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8- A 25 minute tour first

I feel like there are just some things a child needs to learn and experience.  They need to learn about Jesus, the Bible, family, morality, relationships, and many other things. Then there are things from my childhood I want my children to experience.  Sometimes because I see value in them and sometimes it's because I just want to see their reaction. Waaaaayyyyyy down that list comes a first for today. I decided for the entire family to take a 25 minute tour.

So, you can sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of family doing a first.  This past year when my children and I were Christmas shopping (can anybody guess where?  Right, Wal-Mart) I saw a DVD collection of that classic TV drama from our childhood(drum roll please)- Gilligan's Island.  So, Hannah Grace decided to buy that for her Mommy with me giving assurances that this was something that Mommy would really like.  And Mommy did. It is season 3 in case any Gilligan fans need to know.

So, today's first was that the whole family watched an episode of Gilligan's Island together.  I was curious if Hannah Grace and Joel would think it was silly, out of date, goofy or funny.  They were sort of wondering what they were getting into as well.

Hannah Grace and Joel both liked the theme song. We were off to a good start. I think it's vaguely familiar to them because they've heard it somewhere before (like their parents singing it on occasion).  I'm happy to report that Hannah Grace and Joel both had at least a couple of LOL moments. The special effects were so old they were past cheesy and were funny to them.  Laura and I both enjoyed watching as well; the children and the TV.  Both children wanted to keep watching a second episode but it was time for church and we do need to keep our priorities right.  Jesus always comes before Gilligan.
It was a fun first.  We'll probably be watching more of Gilligan.  It was encouraging to me that the whole family was enthusiastic about being a part of my first for this day.  I was reminded that some things are good for all generations.  Learning to love God with all of our heart is good for all generations. Learning to love others as ourselves is good for all generations. Learning to trust God with our problems is good for all generations.  Learning to ask for forgiveness and give it is good for all generations.  Perhaps, just perhaps, even Gilligan is a little bit good for more than one generation.
On more than a 3 hour tour for the abundant life
3 things I thank God for today
1. Taste of hot chili on a cold day
2. God is wise
3. Laughter of family


  1. I'm trying to comment through my blog and seeing if it works. FYI: I couldn't get the FB link to work today so you may want to repost. I love Gilligan and the last picture!! Great first and great insight! I'm "following" your log now too :)

  2. LOVE Gilligan! :) What a fun first! :)