Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20- A Dreaming First

A bad dream woke Hannah Grace up this morning. She said it was scary.  Hannah Grace has some very vivid dreams. Most are not scary.  When she was about 2, she dreamed a walrus was chasing her through the  house. I did not even know she knew what a walrus was at that age. When asked, she described a walrus perfectly.  What makes a 2-year old dream about a walrus?  Not long ago, she dreamed she and I were super heroes. We were at her school and it was being attacked by huge spiders (like 4 feet tall). We defeated them but I got bit by one so my Mother (Hannah Grace's Nannie) had to shoot me with an anti-venom gun so I would not be turned into a spider.

Something you might dream about

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  As I thought about that and the possibility of a first, I looked online for something to do to celebrate his birthday.  I did not find any type of celebration in our area.  I remembered his famous speech, "I Have a Dream."  I can't ever remember watching or reading that speech.  So, my first for today was that I watched Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech on Youtube.

It is not that long- about 15 minutes. I would have thought it was longer.  I was impressed by the picturesque language that he used.  It was extremely vivid.  His speech really connected to the audience.  It was easy to tell that they were passionate about what he was speaking about.  Several other things stood out to me, but perhaps the biggest one was the conviction with which he spoke.  It appeared (and history would bear this out) that he really believed what he was saying.  One thing in particular that he said was that he had a dream of a day when a man would be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

As I watched the video of his speech, I thought about how followers of Jesus ought to be passionate when speaking about Him. King was speaking about a very important subject-equality for all races. When a person speaks of Jesus, there can be no higher subject.  There should be a real intensity and conviction in our talk about our wonderful Lord. There can be no nobler topic. There can be no more deserving person.  There are no words too lofty with which to describe our Lord.

So, watching Dr. King,  I was encouraged to speak well and often of Jesus. He is more worthy than the greatest athlete, most talented singer, or most erudite politician.  Who else could die and rise again for me? 

Longing to speak better of Jesus


3 things I thank God for today
1. Jesus is so worthy that even angels worship Him
2. There are stores nearby that have many medicines
3. The progress that has been made toward racial equality in the USA 

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