Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29- A Cold and Invigorating First

It's really cold here for South Alabama today. The roads are frozen and closed.  There is snow and ice on the ground.  We are pretty much yard bound for the day. This will produce some interesting challenges for a "first".

We get bundled up and out in the yard we go.  One of the things Hannah Grace and Joel spied out that looked fun to do was jump on the trampoline while it's covered in snow. They quickly found out this involves a lot of slipping down and snow/ice in the shoes.  They say, "Come on, Daddy, come jump with us."  I come back with typical Daddy response, "No, that's OK, I'll watch ya'll."  Then a voice inside the ole head speaks up.  There's a "first" right there my friend (my thought my have turned on me and not been my friend if I had not agreed).  Plus, Hannah Grace and Joel were having a lot of fun and really wanted me to jump with them.  So, on the trampoline I go.  It was my first time to jump on the trampoline in the snow.

There were other firsts today.  I told Joel the cool secret that every young man needs to know about writing his name in the snow (if you don't know about that, you are better off not asking).  I pulled a knee board behind the truck down the driveway.  I refuse to say if there was a young person on the knee board or not.  I do not want to be reported to any authority.  Though, down here in the South you may get reported if you do not do something along those lines when it snows.

There was one more first that happened to pop into my mind.  I came upon this idea (you can read the story in the Day 1 blog) of doing something every day of the year that I had never done before by reading a book titled "I Dare Me" by Lu Ann Cahn.  Her first for the year was a Polar Bear Plunge.  That's where a bunch of people on New Year's Day get together and jump into an icy lake, river, or ocean.  That was her first and it was a big deal for her. It was her way of plunging into the new year of firsts.  Well, I did play around with the idea of doing that, but I was in Jackson, MS on New Year's Day and did not see where anyone was doing that kind of thing.  So, today, with snow and ice on the ground I modified the Polar Bear Plunge.  There is no water I really wanted to plunge into today.  Instead, I put on my bathing suit and a T-shirt and ran barefooted (barefeet??) around our yard.  Our yard is an acre.  Well, Hannah Grace decided she wanted to do this with me. Joel said no way, but as we got ready to go, he wanted to go as well.  In case anyone is wondering, yes, Laura is out of town and not present at any of these proceedings. So, Joel goes and gets his swimming suit on and off we go.

It was more fun to talk about than to actually do. The worst part was the bare feet in the snow.  That was harsh.  Hannah Grace made it about 25 yards and turned around and went back to the house.  Joel and I ran the whole way though we did not strictly stick to the perimeter of the yard. I blame him for that.  He cut the first corner on me.

The after picture; Joel not smiling as much

The cool thing is that we laughed the whole time.  It was definitely a hoot.
Sometimes as believers in Christ, we just have to jump into something we believe God wants us to do.  One man wrote that we sometimes need 20 seconds of insane courage.  That's the time where we ask to join the Bible study, open our mouth and say something about Jesus, signed up for the mission trip, or suggest that the family pray together every night.  Most big challenges God has put in front of me I did not feel ready for.  That's why we are called to walk by faith.  We need God to do in our lives what we can't do for ourselves so that He will get the glory.  You don't have to run in the snow, but consider jumping into something God wants you to jump into for His glory.
Running for the abundant life
3 things I thank God for today
1. Trampoline jumping in the snow
2. Finding a way for the children to sled
3. God's love that can thaw out a frozen heart

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