Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 247- A Radio First

Today, I called the local radio station and requested a song for my "first."

I thought about this a few weeks back when I heard a local station doing "throwback Thursdays." This is where the station plays music that is really good; I mean they play more of the older classic rock music.  It started me to questioning myself if I had ever called into a radio station and requested a song before. I don't ever remember doing that though it is possible that I could have during my college years.  We had a station on campus and one of my friends worked there for a little while.  We used to call him and try to get him to play stupid stuff that would get him in trouble; I don't remember making actual, legitimate requests.  Even so, my rule for something to qualify as a "first" if that I have not done it in at least 15-20 years so this definitely qualified.

Our radio announcer here in town is very friendly.  I asked if I requested a song would he play it.  He said he would do his best.  I acted kind of goofy and ignorant and he was still very nice and polite to me.  He even told me that my song choice was good.  In fact, he played it very quickly and I enjoyed my song.

I told him I wanted the song "Don't Look Back" by Boston.  When I was in high school and college, I loved the guitar sound of Boston.  Of course, since it was a "first" I struggled with what song to request.  There is a lot of music I enjoy (especially Christian) so narrowing it down to one choice was not easy.

I did want to make some type of spiritual application to this "first" and that is one reason why I chose "Don't Look Back."  Boston's song "Long Time" may be my favorite of that particular group.  When I thought about Don't Look Back, I thought about Jesus saying in Luke 9:62, "But Jesus said to him, No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." There is a good truth there.  Jesus is so wonderful, majestic, powerful, and loving (and the list could go on) that we should never look back to the things of the world for our satisfaction.  Jesus is so much better than what the sinful world has to offer.  The world holds out the promise of fun, entertainment, power, popularity, and other things such as that.  Yet, the world offers those things in a way that is not pleasing to God.  God offers love, grace, forgiveness, peace and He offers these in a way that you can feel good about it the next day and year.  The world takes the pleasures that God thought of and twists them into something ungodly.  God is the one who had the idea for joy, love, friendship, sex, food, rest, peace, and the other truly good things about life. Since we know that, it would make sense to believe He probably knows the best ways of fulfilling the desires for these things.

Sometimes I hear and see people that are ignoring God and they look like they are having a blast.  I remind myself that true life is not found anywhere but in God. I don't know if those people are having as much fun as they seem like they are. It is not unusual for a big laugh to hide a hurting heart.  Even if they are having the time of their lives, their lives are coming to an end and the worldly party will be over. I'm glad God's party is everlasting.  So, don't look back.

Grateful for the joy of the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Music
2. Christian musical groups
3. Tim Hawkins

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