Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 250- A Kangaroo First

Today, I ate kangaroo jerky for my "first."

I don't ever remember eating kangaroo before. I am real sure I have never eaten kangaroo jerky before.  One time I went to a wild game supper and there was kangaroo there, but it was all gone before I got there.  I do remember asking the guy for some and he said it was all gone. Of course, I was disappointed and I remember him saying that the kangaroo meat costs him some ridiculous amount of money.  My memory is not great, but it was like 400-500 dollars for just a little bit.  This tells me that this guy was much more generous than me.  If I paid that much money for some meat, I'm afraid that I would not cook it for strangers to eat. Selfish Barry would probably limit that to family and a few very close friends.

Joel was up for the challenge. He wanted to try it.  Hannah Grace said "Poor kangaroo."  She seemed pretty traumatized that we would eat kangaroo.  She said it was mean to eat a poor old kangaroo.  She said it was not nice.  Hannah Grace said it might have even been a baby and its Momma missed him/her.

We ate some.  Joel was not too sure about this at the start, but after trying it he wanted to eat the rest of of it. He said it was the best. When I questioned him about that, he said, "Well, not better than watermelon and strawberries, but really good." I thought it was good for jerky. Laura thought it would be good and she pronounced it "pretty good." She said it was so good it made her jump for joy. Of course, when I read the ingredients, it listed kangaroo meat first, and beef second. So, it was not pure kangaroo, but it did not taste like regular beef jerky.  When we had a taste, Joel asked if he could eat the rest.  He did eat the rest.

Joel is not too sure about this

Hannah Grace is not  happy about the thought of eating kangaroo

 As I thought about this "first," it occurred to me that my service for Jesus is seldom really pure.  Just as this was not pure kangaroo meat, my service for Jesus is not always purely out of love for Him.  There is sometimes a mixture of selfishness. I know that serving Jesus is good for me.  It is good now and will be good when I get to heaven. The eternal rewards of serving the Lord will be out of this world. In fact, I sometimes say the retirement benefits for serving Jesus are out of this world.  Literally!

Yet, I do want to serve Jesus because He is worthy.  The more I contemplate Him and His love, grace, majesty, and the list goes on, the more I am amazed by Him. He is the hero of the story. He is the star of the show.  I really desire that people's hearts would be captivated by Christ. No other allegiance, person, hobby, or interest compares to Him.

So, I need to think much about Jesus. I need to think great and noble thoughts about Him. No other person, interest, hobby, anyone, or anything can compare to Him.  I need to allow Him to examine my motives and ambitions to make sure that He is my purpose and goal; not mixed with a bunch of selfish motives.  Jesus is worthy of my all!!

Jesus is the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Day of worship
2. Encouraging words from others
3. Laughter in church

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