Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 258- A Wheelbarrow First

Several years ago when the kids were younger, they liked for me to do the wheelbarrow with them at bedtime.  This is where I would grab them (one at a time) by the ankles and they would put their hands on the floor. Then, as I walked they would walk with their hands. They used to love to do this at bedtime.  I would wheelbarrow one and then come back and wheelbarrow the other to the appropriate bedroom.

Tonight, the kids did the wheelbarrow to me for my "first." Joel got one ankle and Hannah Grace got the other one and they picked me up by the ankles while I had my hands on the floor.  It is a bit of a rush when the feet first go up.  Then, they started walking (and giggling) me down the hall.  I could actually wheelbarrow like this further than they could carry me. I am not sure if this is something to be proud of or not.  Is it that I have still have some strength in my arms and shoulders or is it that I'm too heavy?  I'm choosing strength on this multiple choice question.

One of the first things I realized is that I was pretty dumb to do this with the kids at bedtime. It kicks your heart rate up.  Your breathing goes up.  Of course, we can't do this without giggling.  I've been known to push the speed limit with the kids.  This is not a great way to wind kids down right before bedtime. What was I thinking?  Perhaps, I was not.  That is a distinct possibility.  Or, maybe I just liked having fun with the kids at bedtime.

Fall Baseball

After the first trip down the hall, Joel wanted to try to wheelbarrow me by himself.  He could hold me for just a step or two.  Hannah Grace then wanted to try it by herself.  She had about the same result.  What I thought about (other than perhaps I should lose weight) was how they could do this together but not by themselves.  There is a spiritual truth here.  God has made us where we need each other.  The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone.  If one tries to live it alone, he/she will not live it as it is meant to be lived.  We are designed to where we need each other.  God calls His children by various names and one of those names is the body of Christ.  The body is made up of different parts and each part needs the other. No body part is designed to go off and do its own thing.  I'm glad I don't wake up in the morning and wonder where my foot has run off to.  I'm glad my legs and my shoulders never fight and decide to go in opposite directions.  As followers of Jesus, we need to learn from each other, encourage each other, pray for each other, listen to each other, forgive each other, and love each other (there are other "each others" we are to do).  We are to help each other carry the burdens of life.  There are a lot of "each others" in the Bible.

So, if your load feels really heavy right now, maybe you need a Christian friend to help out.  If you don't feel that way right now, it may be that you need to be the helper (or you are out of touch with what God is calling you do to). Leaning on Christian brothers and sister is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is simply an understanding of how the body of Christ is designed to work.

Is there an "each other" you need to obey today? Why not ask the Holy Spirit?  You and someone else may be really glad that you did.

Grateful that the abundant life includes others

3 things I thank God for today
1. Forgiveness from people
2. People that cook for others in need
3. People that pray for others

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