Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 272- A Smallest First

Today I was in Dothan visiting a friend who had a heart cath (it went well).  While in Dothan, I checked the Internet for tourist attractions in Dothan. One of the results that came up was that Dothan had the world's smallest city block. I went to the world's (supposedly) smallest city block for my "first."

Someone on the Internet said that the Guinness Book of Records has placed this as the smallest block in the world.  This small piece of land is a triangle that features a stop sign, yield sign and street signs.  It is so small that Siri had a hard time locating it.  Siri said I was there but I walked around for 10 minutes and could not locate it.  So, I looked up the address and found out I was about 3 blocks away. I got back in my car and was able to locate the smallest city block in the world.  I took pictures to prove that I was actually there.

As far as tourist attractions go, this one is pretty lame. It is like a small median in an intersection.    A stop sign, yield sign, and a street sign make up a block? Really??  Then again, it supposedly made the Guinness Book of World Records and I haven't, so far be it from me to belittle it (pun intended).

I thought about how this city block (and world record holder supposedly) really does not have a lot to offer.  It would be hard to spend a day there. It is not much of a picnic area.  As followers of Jesus, we have a lot to offer. I thought about how sometimes a pastor will ask a church congregation for a testimony of something God has done in their life lately or something they want to praise God for.  I'm grateful that I can do that at Hopewell and know there will be people who will have something to share and not be timid about sharing it because Jesus is real and wonderful. I have been in church meetings where a leader has asked for someone to share a testimony or something they want to praise God for and was met with silence.  Have you ever wondered what that sounds like to an unbeliever that might be in the audience? They could come to the wrong conclusion that because of the silence God is not up to much of anything.  I know that people are sometimes shy and timid about speaking up about what God is doing in their life or what they have to praise God for, but to remain silent in that situation is to give a terrible witness.  For me, it usually means selfishness; that self is in control rather than Christ.

Instead, let's be people who are looking for a reason to brag on Jesus. There is so much to brag on Jesus about and people need to know we think He's wonderful.  He has too much to offer for us to be silent.

Grateful that Jesus offers so much in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. People who encourage my children
2. Kind nurses
3. Wise doctors

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