Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 262- A Pirate First

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I did not talk like a pirate today.  Laura thought it would be fun to pull out some pirate decorations from one of Joel's birthday parties and have a pirate supper. At first, I was not excited about the idea.  Laura said, "But we all get to be pirates."  I said, "But I don't want to be a pirate."  She convinced me it would be fun. We celebrated a pirate supper for my "first" in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

We (a selfish way of saying Laura) decorated the table and all talked like pirates during supper.  After that, Laura had some pirate find-a-word puzzles that we did.  You know how pirates are famous for loving find-a-words. Each of us had a different find-a-word puzzle and we raced to see who could finish theirs first. We let Joel have a small head start and then Hannah Grace started.  The parents came in quickly after Hannah Grace.  Who do you think finished first?  I'll tell you later in the blog. 

After supper, Laura had arranged a treasure hunt much to our surprise.  Even though it was dark, the treasure hunt took us outside.  Then it took us back inside and back outside where we found the treasure.  It was a box of beads with buried treasure.  There was only treasure for the kid pirates. Rats.

This was pretty fun.  For our food, I ate red beans and rice with chicken wings on the side.  Joel had chicken wings and pizza.  Hannah Grace had pizza and Laura had chicken salad and pasta salad.  That's probably not typical pirate food. I did look up on the Internet what pirates usually ate.  The website said that the first couple of weeks at sea was full of meat, cheese, fresh veggies, eggs, and you name it. After that the food slowly but surely started to spoil, rot, mold and go rancid. That's why most of the food in storage was either dry beans, pickled food or salted food like salted meat.  We decided to stay away from rancid and moldy food.

There were a lot of aarrgghhs during supper tonight. Hannah Grace wondered if we had to say aarrgghh at the end of every sentence. Laura said she liked the theme part of pirate night. She loves a theme supper.  Joel liked the swords.  He battered most of the decorations at some point during the evening and we sort of stayed a bit nervous around him.  Hannah Grace liked that she ate chocolate for dessert. There is a surprise.

I found out that wearing an eye patch with glasses is not much fun.  It's like you can't see out of one eye.

Joel had the classic comment of the evening.  He needed to go to the restroom and he said, "I've got to go to the poop deck." Hannah Grace won the find-a-word.  She said that was one of her favorite parts.

While we were getting ready for supper, I asked Laura what kind of spiritual application one might make for pirate supper night in the event one would be writing a blog about it.  She said that it does not take long to run out of piratey things to say.  So, we end up saying the same things over and over.  We tended to mimic what we've heard others say.  We said matey a lot even though I'm not sure that is a piratey word.  I'm not even sure that piratey is a word.  If we really were pirates, we would have piratey things to say and know about piratey things.

It can be that way with the Christian life.  If we have a real and growing relationship with the Lord, we have things to talk about that are real to us.  We know things about living with Jesus because we actually are living with Jesus.  If our relationship with the Lord is not real and growing, we'll end up copying some Christian words and phrases to use in "Christian" conversations.  But, we'll run out of things to talk about pretty quickly.  If our relationship with Christ is real and growing, we will have things relating to Jesus to talk about.  It could be a verse that the Spirit impressed on your heart last week. It might be an answered prayer, chance to share your faith, a song that you were singing a lot this week, or someone that God led you to minister to.  You have real things to talk about because God is real to you.  If not, you just have to sort of mimic phrases (God bless you, God is good, Praise the Lord, Amen, etc.) that you hear a lot.

Jesus wants a real relationship with you.  He is not looking for you to simply show up at church or read a religious book for a few minutes occasionally.  He wants your heart, love, and worship.  He really cares about a relationship with you.  He died to have that, you know. 

Glad that relationship is at the heart of the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Playing dots with Hannah Grace
2. A wife that will work hard to have a pirate supper
3. God is a God of relationships

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