Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 273- A Thank You Prayer First

I spent most of the morning in my office. Then, I had lunch with a friend and put the car in the shop in the afternoon. There were not a lot of opportunities for a "first" in this scenario.  I walked around the yard for a bit before my Bible study that I teach on Tuesday nights looking for a "first" but not really seeing a good one.

Not a good "first"

 I went to turn on the AC at the church because a we have people coming to the church in the evenings to prayerwalk in preparation for our revival starting this coming Sunday.  I really appreciate people taking time to come to the church and walk in the various rooms praying for God to move in revival.  So, I found a piece of poster board and wrote a big thank you to the people coming to prayerwalk the church for my "first."

I know the people are not coming to prayerwalk for me. They do this because they love God.  It is encouraging to me that people would take time out of their busy schedules to come and pray at the church for revival.  God sees and knows those people and they are praying because they love Him.  Hopefully, it was encouraging for them to see a piece of poster board saying thank you. It sure does not hurt to encourage people who love God.  They encourage me and I wanted to encourage them.

I don't know why this is sideways; it looks right on my computer

Always return supplies where they belong

Shameless plug

Prayer room

As I thought about this "first," I was reminded of how God has used so many people to bless, encourage, and love me.  While I thank them for doing those very kind things, I should also thank God. He is the One that put it in their hearts to do these things.  The list of people that have loved me and encouraged me is so long. Hardly a Sunday goes by that I don't hear someone pray for me and my family at church. That is so meaningful and encouraging to me. They don't have to do that.  They are so gracious to do that every Sunday.  I thank God for the Sunday School (Bible) teachers that taught me when I was growing up.  I had some really great people to care about me and teach me God's word.  I think of people like Mr. Bullock, Coach Thomas, Mr. Wargo, and others.  I thank God for people who love and care for my children.  Monday night there were several men who took special care to encourage Joel after his ball game. They were very kind to do that and I thank God for them. I thank God for the people in my Tuesday night Bible study. They are eager to study God's word, willing to share, and just fun to be with. I thank God for people who seek to know God better and help others to know Him better. Their heart for God encourages me.  I thank God for giving me a wife who is very encouraging, inspiring, eager to follow God on an adventure, easy to get along with, beautiful inside and out, and I could go on.  She might ask me to if she reads this.  Of course, I could list many more people as you could.

These people are all gifts from God. Thank you, Lord, for the special people you put in my life. Perhaps you would like to take a minute or two or 30 to thank God for some people He has placed in your life.

Thankful for the people God puts in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. He is rich in kindness
2. Men who encouraged Joel after his ball game last night
3. Mechanics who can fix cars

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