Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 154- A Vacation Bible School Recreation First

I helped with the games and recreation tonight in  Vacation Bible School as my "first."

As I wrote yesterday, as the pastor I usually float around during VBS making sure everyone is doing well and doesn't need anything. I asked if I could help with the recreation and games tonight for my "first."  In previous years, I was doing things way too spiritual to do recreation; OK, it is really hot outside doing recreation and that may have had something to do with it but don't tell anybody.  I mean it is summer time in south Alabama and you are chasing children around for 2 hours.  Somehow, I always had things way more "spiritual" (and cooler) to do.

I enjoyed recreation a lot tonight.  We had a chance to interact with most of the children at VBS tonight.  It was fun to watch them laugh and play and run around.  The sounds of laughter mixed in with the adults saying "You have to play fair" was pretty entertaining.  I got to see some of the cutest smiles in the whole world.

We played two games tonight. Both of the games were not fair. Certain people or teams had a distinct advantage over the others.  The point of the game was to show that life is not always fair but Jesus still loves  you. It is pretty clever how they tie the main points of the lesson into the games we played.  Thanks to the recreation crew for letting me be a part of recreation tonight. The recreation crew is pretty awesome.

Me explaining games at recreation


Handsome young man

Thanks to the great recreation crew


Cute girls

 What happened to my children?

So recreation was a lot of fun. There was a really good point to the games. Life is not fair. Many people have some serious disadvantages in life.  The disadvantages may be linked to their family background, chemical makeup, mental or physical abilities, financial situation, medical conditions and the list could go on and on.  Some disadvantages happen because of bad choices that a person makes or the people around them make. There are some disadvantages that we don't know why they happen.  Why is one person predisposed toward depression when another has a very sunny disposition? Why is one person born in the USA with plenty of water and food when another is born into a third world country with very little to eat or drink?  These are questions that are very hard to answer.  Jesus still loves each one of us enough to die for us and be raised from the dead.  I have found that asking the why question has not helped me very much at all.  Of course, I've still asked it and probably will some more.  A more helpful question that I have found is what.  What can I do to glorify God in the midst of this situation?  What can I do to help someone else come to know the Lord Jesus in this situation.  These are two of the most helpful questions I've learned to ask in times that seem unfair.  Even if I know the answer to the "why" question, I would still be stuck with the adversity of the unfair situation. When asking "what" question, I can find ways to cooperate with God to bring redemption (God's good purpose) out of that situation. 

Looking for redemption in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. The game of tag
2. God works all things together for His glory and the good of His people
3. Coffee cups

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