Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 164- A Water First

A while back I read where most people do not drink enough water each day.  I have not been drinking as much water as I used to drink.  Today, I drank the recommended amount of daily water for my "first."

I read a website or two and there is not a clear consensus on how much water one should consume in a day.  One rule was 64 ounces or 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water. It is called the 8x8 rule.  It's pretty easy to follow so I chose that one. I decided that was easier than trying to measure out water each time I drank.  That equals a half gallon of water. I found out that's quite a bit of water to drink. Some recent studies say there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim that we need that much water. I read that after drinking the 64 ounces.  Oh, well.

Different people have different opinions but some say that if we drink enough water we'll have better brain functions.  It is true that when someone gets a bit dehydrated that their brain functions do get impaired as well as their moods.  This is most likely to happen after exercising. One reason I thought today was a good day for the drinking water "first" is that Hannah Grace has a swim meet tomorrow which means we get the privilege of sitting out in the blazing hot sun from 10-1 or so to watch Hannah Grace swim for about 3-5 minutes. It is well worth it but I am trying to store up hydration.

Some studies say that drinking enough water will help you to lose weight.  There are two reasons for that.  One is that drinking water boosts your metabolism. Cold water is supposed to be best for this reason.  The other reason (more of a theory really) is that if you drink enough water you won't eat as much. 

There are several other health problems that the article said may be reduced by drinking enough water like reducing the likelihood of some kinds of cancer and kidney stones. The key words to me in the article were "may" and "appear."  I think this means there is no real definite proof.  One thing I found out for certain is that what goes in will come out.  In other words, if you drink this much water, you'll need some time to rest; as in the restroom.  You will walk a little bit more and that's probably healthy.

 My companions

Another glass??

Be back in a minute

As I was drinking water today I was reminded that there is a flow (how about that word choice?) to the Christian life.  We need to take in and give out.  We need times where we take in God's Word and God's encouragement. We desperately need to receive from the Lord. One thing that I realized today is that 8 glasses of water need to be spread out over the day.  After a good supper of spicy boudin, I felt like drinking a little water.  However, I did not feel like drinking 2 more glasses in an hour. This helped me to see that I need to receive from the Lord all throughout the day; not simply in my quiet time or at church.  Can you imagine trying to drink enough water for a week all on Sunday morning?  We need to be constantly receiving.  We are not down here simply trying to live for Jesus.  We live by the strength He supplies so that He will get the glory.  We must be receivers.  Just like we need to take water in to be healthy, we need to receive from the Lord to be able to live in a way that glorifies Him.  Part of 1 Peter 4:11 says, "If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ."

We also need to give.  If a person just receives and never gives, they will not grow. That would be like a person who eats and never exercises or drinks water and never, uhh.. , gives any back.  Growing to be like Jesus involves both receiving and giving.  Both are important and both are essential. If God shows you a truth from His word, it may not only be for you. He may want you to share that truth with your friends. If God refreshes your spirit, that may not be just for you. That may be so that you can help refresh someone else or simply have a joy to serve with that you did not before.  Christians are to be receivers and givers.  That's an important part of spiritual health.

As I was finishing up the blog, I read a last article that said the 8x8 rule

Drinking living water for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Glasses
2. Funny looking animals
3. Jesus is living water

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