Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 170- A 10th Birthday First

Today our family celebrated Joel's 10th birthday for my "first."

We didn't actually do this for a "first" but it is a "first." I've never had a 10 year old boy before. Joel's actual birthday is not until Saturday but I will be on a men's retreat that day and won't get home till late that evening. So, we decided we would celebrate it today.  We had a birthday cookie for Joel because he does not like cake that much.  We asked that there would not be icing around the edges because Joel does not like a lot of icing; the only one in our family who does not.  We had strawberry ice cream to go with the cookie because that is Joel's favorite ice cream.  He loves strawberries.  Of course, he got some presents; Lego things to build with, Skylanders for the Wii U, and things like that.  These are things that Joel likes.

Then, we took him to Florida to go to a place called WonderWorks.  He loves to go there and wanted to do that instead of a birthday party.  We spent the day in Panama City and had a blast.  It was fun to spend Joel's birthday in a Joel style.

Birthday Boy

In appreciation of Hannah Grace's present

In Laura's family, they had a tradition on birthdays.  When you got a present, you were to hold it up over your head and say, Heavy, heavy, over your head, what do you think you'll do with it?" Then you had to guess what you thought you would do with it like play with it, watch it, wear it, etc.  I don't always participate in this custom on my birthday.

I'm just really not sure.

A 10 year old boy's birthday needs some type of gun.

It was Joel's birthday so we did it Joel's way (within parental limitations).  As we celebrated today, I was reminded that this is the day that the Lord has made (Psalm 118:24).  Everyday is the Lord's day and we should do it the Lord's way.  Since it is His day and He's given us the privilege to live in it, we should be glad in Him and grateful to Him.  The Bible says in Ephesians 5:8-10, "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light  (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth)  and find out what pleases the Lord."  I have to ask myself if I give much time and attention to finding out what pleases Him.  Before celebrating Joel's birthday, we asked him what kind of cake he wanted (no cake, cookie please with no icing around the edges), what presents he wanted, did he want a party or a trip somewhere.  If you want to celebrate a day with someone else on their special occasion, you need to find out how they want to celebrate. It helps ask them and pay attention to them. If I had simply went out and bought Joel what I wanted, he would not have received Lego kids, Skylanders, and those kinds of things.  He probably would not have enjoyed a Kindle card, some new shirts and jeans, a gift certificate to go deep sea fishing, and a gift card to eat at a seafood restaurant. OK, he probably would have enjoyed the seafood restaurant and possibly the deep sea fishing if he was not nervous about going out that far. Neither of us would be that excited about new jeans.  Here's the point: how much time do we give to considering what kind of day the Lord wants to have with us. What pleases Him should be of paramount importance to all who call themselves Christians. Why not wake up tomorrow and ask the Lord what would please Him today. Then, go do that.

Seeking to please Him in the abundant life

3 things to thank God for today
1. Joel's 10th birthday
2. The fun we had at Wonderworks
3. Celebrations

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