Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 175- A State First

Laura and the kids went to Ms. today to visit Laura's sister and her family. After they left, I spent most of the day in my office and visiting in the community.  I did not see a lot of opportunities for a "first" so today's is pretty lame. I have seen on FB where a number of people are taking this little FB quiz to see what state they should live in.  So, today, I took the FB quiz to see which state I should live in for my "first."  Now that I think about it, since some of my friends have done this maybe it is not too lame after all.  It's just not as exciting or adventurous as I want, but some days are hard to do an exciting "first."

The little quiz said I should live in Texas. Here's what it said:You aren't really made for the big city life, or the small town ways, but you are just fine with living in the suburbs. You get involved in the communities around you, but sometimes you enjoy just being at home by yourself without having the big city noises right outside your window blocking out your own thoughts.

If I'm not made for small towns, I'm in big trouble because that's about all I've ever lived in. I've never really considered living in Texas. At least I don't have any exes (x's?) living in Texas.  That is probably a good thing. When I was young, our family enjoyed going to Houston and watching the Astros play and going to Astroworld.  That was fun.  I don't think I'm really a cowboy type. As a football fan, I don't really care for the burnt orange thing they have going on at Texas. Too many Aggie jokes to be an A&M fan. Perhaps I should trust God for where I'm to live rather than the FB quiz.

Not many Texas kinds of things around our house

I do have a pair of cowboy boots which I never wear because someone in the house doesn't like them

I also have a pair of Ropers; can't wear them either

Not sure what a Texas face looks like

OK, I will admit that I like to listen to some Willie now and then 

It doesn't seem like Texas is the right fit right for me right now.  The Bible actually tells me what state I'm supposed to live.  It is found in Philippians 4:11 (NKJV)-  "Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." I am to live in the state of contentment.  That's the right state for any believer.  I've not moved around a whole lot in my life. I've lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and in Missouri one summer. I've lived in a house, dorm, old hotel , and a mobile home. I've enjoyed all of these places at time and at times I've been unhappy in all these places. I enjoyed the bathroom facilities in the dorm the least. The key for me has been to be in right relationship with God and those God has placed in my life. When that is right, I've enjoyed all the places I've lived.  When those things have not been right, I've been pretty discontent (nice way to say miserable). As followers of Jesus, let's live in the state of contentment.

One more thing about Texas.  There was this farmer from Texas visiting a farmer here in Alabama. Driving along in the pickup  truck, a rabbit hopped onto the road in front of them. The guy from Texas said, ""What was that!?" The Alabama farmer said, "That's a rabbit. " The Texas farmer shrugged and said, We grow 'em alot bigger'n at back home in Texas." So they went on and a little farther on they came to a few cattle in a field. The farmer from Alabama stopped the truck and the guy from Texas said in a puzzled tone "What are those?"  The Alabama native hesitantly said "Those are cattle."  The Texas native replied "Well, we grow 'em so much bigger back in Texas."   After a bit they drove down near a creek and a 40 pound loggerhead snapping turtle lumbered onto the road. The Texas farmer looked and said "Now what is that thing!?"   The Alabama guy said, "Tick."

Maybe telling a joke on my blog is a "first."

Content in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. A wife who cooks poppyseed chicken casserole for me to eat while she is out of town
2. Phones that you can talk to families while they are out of town
3. God is never to busy to listen to us pray

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