Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 159- An Uncomfortable First

This morning I started my sermon by saying it would be an uncomfortable sermon. Several people mentioned afterwards that it was indeed uncomfortable.  They did not say this with a negative tone, but an appeciative tone. It's just that some subjects are a bit uncomfortable but need to be addressed Biblically.

Tonight we had VBS family night and it was a really sweet night at church.  Near the end of the day, I still had not had a "first."  I've preached messages on uncomfortable subjects plenty of times and had VBS family nights bunches of times.  This has been a pretty cool Sunday, but no "firsts."

One of our men brought some peppers to church that he had grown to give away to anyone that wanted them.  Joel said I could eat one of those for my "first."  I am not particularly fond of spicy foods and I've always thought it rather silly to bite into a hot pepper.  Since I preached on something uncomfortable I figured Joel had a good idea and I might as well bite into something uncomfortable. Today I ate raw peppers for my "first."

There was one banana pepper and several jalapeno peppers.  Joel suggested the banana pepper since it would not be so hot. I agreed.  I took a bite out of the banana pepper and it was not bad; not a favorite taste of mine, but not too hot.  What the family didn't know (except Joel) was that I had hid a jalapeno and soon as they thought the "first" was over I took it out and took a big (it seemed huge) bite out of the jalapeno pepper.  It was hot.  It was like really hot.  It has been about 15 minutes and my mouth is still tingly.  This spice is kind of staying with me.  I had heard that milk was good and so I had the milk ready.  It was OK but it did not take away the heat completely by any means.  This was a "first" I probably will not repeat. Joel said the jalapeno peppers should be called "Your Mommy" peppers because one taste and you'll be crying for your Mommy (not that I did).

 Pretending like it's over; just the calm before the storm

OK, that was a hot one.

 I did it 

I have not been fond of hot peppers and I'm still not.  A year of "firsts" is about doing things I would  not normally do.  The family thought it was really funny.  Of course, none thought it funny enough to try it for themselves.

The pepper taste sort of stayed with me.  If we are genuinely filled with the Holy Spirit, there ought to be something about our lives that stays with the people with whom we come into contact.  I don't mean in a bad way, but there should be something about the way we treat people in our families, treat people we don't  know, navigate the hard times of life with a sense of peace, and the joy we have daily that should cause people to think a bit.  Perhaps it is not too far afield to say that our lives should be spicy- full of flavor and a certain sense of zest.  The opposite of spicy is distasteful, dull, or stale according to one dictionary I checked.  That's definitely not the kind of taste I want to leave with someone about what it means to follow Jesus.

Jesus was anything but dull.  I think that the disciples scratched their heads many a day trying to figure this guy out.  He goes out of his way to befriend some people and then seems to go out of His way to irritate another group.  He tends to befriend the outcasts and morally suspect crowd and then comes down hard on religious folks who did not have a true faith in God. He confronts demons and heals the sick. When He was asked questions, He often told a parable or asked a question that left people wondering.  He walks into Jerusalem knowing He would be die.  His life was certainly not normal or bland.  Perhaps our lives need a good dose of fire, flavor, and zest.  Open up to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to flavor your life.

Looking for more flavor in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Truth about uncomfortable subjects
2. I have things to eat besides peppers
3. Ice cold milk

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