Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 32- A Texting First

I had a hard time coming up with ideas for a first today.  Our Sunday School class went to a disabled person's house and worked to help her with her house.  It was so encouraging to see our class work hard and be so helpful to someone.  I really thought I'd get a "first" while I was there.  There were so many good things that happened there; me getting a "first" was not one.  That is an infinitesimally small setback for that time. 

I came home and rested a while.  Then the subject of a "first" came back to me.  What do I do?  The idea that came to me was that I would randomly select 3 people from the phone and text them the message "Jesus loves u; have a great day."  Not a huge first, but hopefully it could brighten someone's day a bit.

I found out that to randomly select someone to text on my phone, you have to type in their names.  I held the phone out and randomly typed a few letters.  That way I would only have one person's name to pop up.  I learned that I have nobody in my contacts whose names start with mg, zc, or cf. I did type jc one time; that reminded me of Jesus Christ but then I can't text Him and it would be weird to tell Jesus that Jesus loves Him. Alas, I digress.  So,  I decided to just type in one letter and choose the person on the top of the list.

The names came up and 2 of the 3 are people that I don't normally text.  So, before I could talk myself out of it, I sent a quick text.  Well, it was about 5:15 and one could possibly have been in a deer stand.  I waited till after dark to send that text.  I'd hate to be the cause of a big buck running off by my text dinging in.

It's not a big first to be sure.  Jesus really does love us.  It's easy to not appreciate or be cognizant of His love in the middle of a day.  So, hopefully, a reminder at least brings a smile to our face if not a prayer of thanksgiving to our lips.  I heard a prayer years ago that I try to pray often. It goes like this: Lord, fill my heart with your love and help me give it away to the very next person I meet.  I love to pray that prayer.

As you read this, remember that Jesus loves you, too.  I know you probably have known that for most of your life.  Maybe this can be a reminder that Jesus loves you deeply and wildly.  It can be so easy to hear that Jesus loves you and died on the cross for you so often that the wonder of His love ceases to amaze you.  Gaze by faith upon the cross and be amazed, my friend, be amazed.

Amazed at the love of the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. My Sunday School class
2. The picture I posted above of Jesus holding the guy
3. Completing my first full month of "firsts"

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