Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59- A Swing Around Thingie First

It has been a pretty full day.  Once again, not a lot of time for a "first."  I asked Hannah Grace and Joel for help.  I'm very glad they are always ready to help their Daddy with his "first."  That's one reason I wanted to do this. It has helped give me a reason to do new and fun things with them.

So, they have this toy that is a plastic circle that you put your foot inside. Then, it has a rope with a ball tied on the end of it.  You are to hook that circle around your ankle and swing it while jumping over the rope at the same time.  Joel and Hannah Grace said they would teach me how to do this.  They both showed me the basics and then demonstrated.  Looking at the pictures will give you a better idea of what we are doing.

 I immediately realized this is originally designed for smaller people because I have to take off my shoes to get the swingie thingie on my foot. I start out with great confidence thinking that I'm coordinated enough to do this. It looks kind of hard, but my coordination (as a teenager which is how I mistakenly tend to think of my athletic skills) has always been pretty decent.  I ask how many times I have to jump the silly thing to count as a "first."  One says 10 and the other says 20.  I go for 10 and they both decide it should be 20.  Barry does not commit to 20 thinking in the back of his mind if it gets too hard I can say I never said 20.  My mind tends to work that way.

As I start, I'm planning on knocking out 20 on the first try.  I truly think I have a shot at this.  The kids start counting and I make it to 10, then 15, and I miss on 17.  Rats!  There was a decent shot at knocking this baby out on the first try.  That would have been sweet not to mention a lot less tiring. The next try I made it to 13. The commentators begin to mutter about his age coming into play.  Then, on the third try, Barry jumps 58!  That's right sports fans, 58 on the  third try.

This is where I decide I need to get into better shape

Now Hannah Grace and Joel want to beat my record.  They try several times and do well. One scored 38 and one 56. However, the record still stands for the moment.  I have a pretty good idea my record will fall before the weekend is out. Will I try to beat their record when it does?  Hmm, I was pretty tired after 58.  They bounce back a lot quicker than I do.  I may just relish the fact that I had the record at one time.

Once again, this was fun to do with Hannah Grace and Joel.  They were pretty into it and it's something that I would not have done if I was not doing a year of "firsts."  I would have probably came inside and did some work or read.

As I thought about his, I thought about how doing things with others is a huge part of life.  In our life with Jesus, we need to include others.  I have benefited much from praying with others, sharing my faith with others, talking about Scripture with others, and ministering to the needy with others. I heard someone say once that Christianity is better caught than taught. If we just tell people to pray, share their faith, minister to the needy, etc. without ever including them when we do those things, they may be stunted in their Christian growth. Include people in your relationship with Jesus.  Let your children see you pray with people and love people in Jesus' name. The next time you read something that Paul wrote in the New Testament, notice how many times he mentions people with whom he had a relationship. In Acts, notice how often Paul is traveling with people. He hardly ever travels alone. Jesus spent most of his time with people; especially the 12.  As you enjoy the weekend, invite some people into your life with Christ.

Glad the abundant life includes others


3 things I thank God for today
1. I can jump
2. Clean socks
3. Stars

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