Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 54- A Question First

I've frequently wished I knew a Bible scholar that I could ask Bible questions.  You know, some guy that's really smart and knows way more than the average guy.  I really don't have any friends that are seminary professors or presidents or something like that.

For my "first" today, I emailed a really smart guy a Bible question.  What I did was go to a Divinity school's website and read the professors' bios.  I picked out a guy that seemed really smart.  Actually, I was impressed with a number of their bios.  It seems that Divinity schools employ really smart people. I was not tempted to apply for a teaching job after perusing their website.

I've actually thought of doing this before.  I did not because I would think things like "He probably does not have time for this kind of thing" or "He'll think I'm weird" or something like that.  Of course, he might be glad to help a pastor with a theological question. Doing a year of firsts was just the thing to give me the added incentive to actually email someone.  Who knows, maybe we'll become friends.

Me studying the Bible

I'm not able to figure out a verse

I decide to email someone really smart

I hope this guy has a super brain and is super nice

One of the great benefits I had as a young Christian was a couple of friends who were very willing to listen to my questions about the Lord and try to answer them the best they could.  We would study Scripture together and seek to not only understand God's word but live it out.  I have found that someone who is serious about their walk with Christ and is willing to just hang out with you is invaluable.  It's one thing to read about the Christian life; it is so much better to have a friend is serious about living it and will share their life with you.

I get sad when I find out people are struggling with questions in their Christian life and won't/don't ask people for help. Too often they are embarrassed to ask. They think everyone else knows the answers and they will look silly if they ask. The truth is all of us have things we don't understand about God and how to relate to Him.  One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions; especially if you ask people that are credible. If you'll ask,  you will probably find out there are others who have the same question or there are people that are very willing to help.

Have fun asking questions and learning. The people who love Jesus will love helping you grow in your love and understanding of Him.

Asking questions for the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. The deacons at Hopewell Baptist church
2. Billy Graham's book on the Holy Spirit
3. The ladies Bible study at Hopewell

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