Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 57- A Relaxing First

Today marks 14 years of marital bliss with my lovely bride. I am married to a beautiful, godly, smart, and thoughtful lady.  When I started thinking out loud about a "first" for today Laura says, "Why don't you go get a massage?" Now, that is one thoughtful and smart lady.  I would have felt terrible about turning down her suggestion.  So, I got a massage for a "first" today.

I had to decide where to get a massage.  Out with the computer and Internet and I start calling to see who has an opening today.  The second place I call has the perfect time for me and they are not far from where I am.  I can see God all over this idea. I show up and they show me to a room.  The nice lady shows me a table to lay down on and the massage starts. She asks me if there is something specific I would like her to work on.  I tell her that my neck and upper back tends to carry tension.  As she (yes, a she; I can't see me relaxing with some dude rubbing my back) is rubbing my back she says she feels knots in it.  Really?  I have knots in my back?  What is tied in a knot and how did it get that way? Is it a muscle or a tendon?  Can I do something to prevent this?  These are questions I thought of later; at the time I was trying hard not to drool. She worked on my neck and shoulders the most. I think at one point she had her elbow in my back.  I did not know that would feel good, but it sure did.  When she finished with my neck and back, she then massaged my hands.  I had no idea that would feel good, but it did.

Building where the massage place was

After the massage, I was feeling pretty relaxed.  I got the 30 minute deal and the lady said I could really benefit from a 60 minute massage next time.  She could be a prophetess because I believe there is some truth to that statement. She told me to drink a lot of water during the rest of the day.  This is definitely a "first" that I would be willing to try again.  Laura asked me if I enjoyed it.  Yes mam, I did!

Me driving home after the massage

One of the silly things I did during the massage was think about how much time had gone by and how much I had left. She would stop and start in a different area and I would think, "Is it almost over?" or "How much time is left?"  That's pretty goofy. I'm getting a massage to relax and then I'm kind of stressing over how much longer it's going to last. I did not do that much, but I did a minute or two.  I did not want it to end.  I can do that in life sometimes. If I worry about what's coming next (hour, day, or week), it robs me of the joy of the present moment. I've wasted way too much time in my life doing just that. It takes concentration and engagement to stay in fully present in the present. Otherwise, I'll waste my life by either living in the past or the future. Bil Keane said, "Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

I've heard people say that nothing good lasts forever. The massage ended way too soon, but there are some good things that last forever.  Here are a few things that are really good that last forever.

  • Heaven
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Praise
  • Godly friendships
  • Jesus
Looking at that list, it occurs to me that maybe only the best things last forever for those who belong to Christ.

Glad the abundant life lasts forever


3 things I thank God for today
1. 14 wonderful years that I have had the privilege to be Laura's husband
2. Jeremiah 33:3-Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
3. Massage therapists


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