Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 48- A George First

Today is known as President's Day. It used to be that this day was celebrated as George Washington's birthday.  Officially, the holiday is still George Washington's birthday.  In 1968 there was an act passed called the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This moved many holidays to a Monday so that workers would have a 3 day weekend. There was talk about changing Washington's birthday to something like a President's day, but it was met with opposition and never passed.  So, Happy George Washington's birthday!! I feel like he should have his own holiday; great man that he was. Today I celebrated his birthday as my "first."

Here are some fun facts about George Washington.
He got married at age 26 to Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow who already had two children, Jackie and Patsy. Washington never had any children of his own.
At six feet, two inches tall, and 200 pounds, he was one of our biggest presidents.
Some of his favorite dishes were cream of peanut soup, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut, and string beans with mushrooms. So, I could do the string beans and mushrooms, but I've never tried the others. Where did he get coconut in those days?  Did he vacation in Hawaii?
He bred hound dogs that he treated like members of the family. He gave some of them unusual names: Tarter, True Love, and Sweet Lips. I would like to know what he hunted with the hounds.
Toothaches bothered him for years. When he was 57, he had all his teeth pulled. From then on, he wore ivory false teeth set in a silver plate.
Although he helped plan the nation's new capital city that was named for him, he never lived there. New York City and, later, Philadelphia were the nation's capitals while he was president.
Washington had many close calls, but was never seriously wounded in battle. At the Battle of Monongahela in 1755, Washington had two horses shot out from underneath him and his coat was pierced by four musket balls.

I also read somewhere that eating cherry pie is a traditional way of celebrating George Washington's birthday. Well, count me in because I love cherry pie. I went to the store and actually ended up buying cherry turnovers because it was getting late and I did not want to take time to cook a frozen pie. I think this tradition comes from the story (that is not true) about young George cutting down a cherry tree and then telling his Dad the truth about it.

As I think of George Washington, I especially think of the hardships endured during the war; particularly at Valley Forge.  I can barely imagine the deprivations and despair of that dreadful winter.  Yet, somehow Washington kept his men together and the battle for independence was won. As a believer in Jesus, I should be willing to endure difficulties for the cause of Christ.  Even in my difficulties, the way I bear them can be a witness to those who need to know the superiority of Christ.  He is to be treasured above all. He is worthy enduring all for. 1 Peter 4:16 says, "but if anyone suffers as a Christian, he is not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God in this name."  I praise God for men like Washington who gave much for our freedom.  Praise God even more for Jesus who paid the ultimate  price for our eternal freedom.

Thanking God for the freedom of the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. George Washington
2. Joy that comes from serving others
3. Joy I've received lately as a result of how Hopewell church members are reaching out to those in need

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