Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 53- A Pogo First

I had a hard time with my "first" today. I was helping a friend move and I just knew I would run into a "first" doing that. I've helped a number of people move and nothing really new jumped out at me today. I had a meeting at church tonight so my time was kind of slim. As Hannah Grace and I drove into the driveway about 20 minutes before I needed to go to church, one of Joel's toys sort of jumped out at me. It was his pogo stick. I jumped on a pogo stick for my "first" today.

In case you are a newcomer and wonder why I did not jump on a pogo stick as a boy, the rules here are if I have not done something in the last 15-20 years, it counts as a "first." I promise you that jumping on a pogo stick at 10 years old is a different experience than jumping on one as a 53 year old. It is quite the different ball game.

So, I asked Hannah Grace to set the rules for me. How many times do I have to jump before it counts? She came up with 10 jumps. This will be no problem I think to myself.

Back when I was 10, I was a pretty decent pogoer (pogoist? pogo sticker?). I could jump with the best on Coolidge Street in Baker Heights. So, 10 jumps sounded like nothing. I start off with great confidence that I'll knock this out quickly; a very good chance on the first or second try.
Off I go
Hang on, Barry

Well, it was a little more difficult than I anticipated. On the first attempt, I managed one or two jumps. On the second attempt, I managed about 3-4. It took my about 7 attempts to get up to 10. I did hit 9 on the previous attempt and I did get 11 on the winning try. I was much more winded that I thought I would be and the balance thing is not what I had thought. I'm not sure about the whole global warming thing, but I'm pretty sure that gravity is increasing. Somebody needs to look into that. Perhaps the world is spinning a bit faster too because I'm noticing the balance thing is not working for me like it did in the past.

Barry looking a bit too excited about his accomplishment

As I was jumping on the pogo stick today I noticed that if I got off balance a little, I needed to correct that quickly; like on the next jump. If not, I was bouncing off in that direction faster and faster. If a dismount did not occur promptly, I would have hit the concrete. Thankfully, my dismount was excellent today. It was important to stay very balanced and on center on every jump. If not, in just another 2 jumps I was really getting sideways.

I've noticed it's that way with my relationship with the Lord as well. When I start getting off center with the Lord (straying, drifting, distracted; in other words sinning), I need to correct that quickly. That means I need to repent quickly. If not, I'll get farther and farther away and get there faster and faster. The real problem is that too many times it is hard to realize how far I've drifted and how fast I'm moving away in the wrong direction. It's hard not to notice this same trend in people besides myself. When we stay on center (in right relationship) with the Lord, we are blessed. It may be hard at times and we go through tough seasons, but in a sense it's kind of OK because you are right with the Lord. When you get wrong with God and your life starts getting sideways, then you can find yourself in some real trouble. You might hit the spiritual concrete and skin more than your knee. It's easy to end up skinning a testimony and some pretty important relationships along the way. Hopefully, as we go to worship tomorrow, we'll let the Lord bring us back into harmony with Himself.

Jumping for the abundant life


3 things I thank God for today
1. An encouraging time meeting with some short term missionaries from our church
2. Hand trucks
3. God's ability to refresh

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