Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 187- A Sub First

Today it was driving home from vacation day. For sure, this is not the best part of vacation. We had such a good time with family and doing fun stuff that you just hate to see it come to an end.  I praise God that we had a safe and fun drive home (fun as far as drive home from vacations are concerned).

The drive home from vacation is not conducive to a "first."  Laura and the kids really were helping to come up with ideas.  Yet,  a long drive home from North Carolina to South Alabama on a Sunday afternoon/evening is just not the prime time for a "first."

We stopped in at a Subway to get some supper.  There were two ladies there who were very helpful in making our subs like we wanted.  Hannah Grace wanted a pizza with marinara sauce. The thoughtful lady asked her if she would like it cut up into 4 or 8 pieces.  Hannah Grace chose 8 and the lady said she thought she might because 8 would make it easier to dip into the marinara sauce.  As they were heating our subs and pizza, I overheard them talking about how hard a day this had been for both of them.  I was not eavesdropping, I like to think of it as being spiritually perceptive.  When I paid for our food, I told them that we had been driving from North Carolina and would usually be in church at that time of evening (it was about 6:30).  We were not able to because we were driving home but we wanted to bless somebody and would it be OK if we gave them a $20 tip to split. She said, "Yes." I tipped the ladies at Subway $20 for my "first." I've never tipped workers at Subway before and I don't usually give $20 for a $24 dollar meal.

Driving home

Guess who my photographer was today

After I tipped the ladies and we talked a few more minutes, I found out that one of the ladies used to live in Andalusia where we live.  Our family was able to have a good conversation with her and hopefully encourage her a bit.  When we got back in the car, we were talking about that "first" and I shared with the family that giving is a part of worship.  When we give to others with a heart that desires to glorify God, that is worship.  Of course, we give ourselves to God first.  Then, we seek to follow the Spirit as He leads us to give to others.

I read a book by Bruce Wilkinson a few years back and he mentioned a habit that he had that sounded like a great idea to me.  I've shared this with our church and I know several who do this.  Bruce said he designated a special place in his wallet that he calls his "God pocket."  He prays and puts some money in there that is reserved for God to give to whoever He wants to.  So, Bruce is ready and has money to give when he feels led to do so.  He has some pretty amazing stories to tell. One of the church members at Hopewell told me a cool "God pocket" story a week or two ago.  Bruce says once he gives that money away, he asks God to put some more money back in the God pocket so he is ready and looking for another opportunity.  As I tried to recall the name of the book, I found that he has published a book titled, "God Pocket."  I think the title of the book I read about it in was "You Were Born For This" but I'm not positive.  Maybe you would like to start a God pocket and watch to see what God does with yours.  Some people put $20, $50, $100, or more in their God pocket and are a blessing waiting to happen.  Jesus is right when He said it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Glad for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Special vacation memories
2. Jesus gave Himself for us
3. Bruce Wilkinson's God pocket idea

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