Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 202- A Transfer First

Today I transferred some money from one bank to another online without any assistance from the people that work there as my "first."

I have a little savings account at a bank different from our bank in town.  Occasionally, I'll transfer some money to that account. This happens way too seldom; like way, way too seldom.  When I do this, I call the out-of-town bank and ask them to help me do that.  They usually say something like, "Mr. Wilkinson, do you have access to the Internet."  I'll answer in the affirmative to that question and the questions about being able to access my accounts online.  Then they will say something like, "Well, Mr. Wilkinson, I can show you how to transfer funds without having to call. It is very simple."  I usually say something like, "I prefer to call and let you do it."

Since I am doing my year of firsts, I decided to try the online thing by myself. First, I did manage to remember my password and security questions. That is not a given here. I'm not sure how many times I've answered security questions on this computer, but I'll keep answering them rather than asking the company to back off the security.  Then, I followed the instructions and guess what?  I did it and it was really simple. The people on the phone were right. It is less time and less trouble to just do it myself without calling in and getting them to help me.

Sometimes we just have to try something.  For me, I don't like trying new things on the computer.  Part of that is that the times I've tried in the past typically have not went well.  It usually takes longer and is harder than people tell me.  Today was pleasantly different. It was a good reminder that we don't know how hard or easy something is until we try.

The same is true in our relationship with Christ.  There are things that we know God wants us to do and yet we are not sure how it is going to go, so sometimes we procrastinate and disobey.  Today was a reminder for me that you just have to trust God and go for it.  If not, we get stuck where we are in our relationship with Christ and that is never good.  Regardless of something "goes," I'm always glad when I go to bed that I obeyed rather than disobeyed.

Perhaps today there is something that God wants you to do that you've never done before. Perhaps you have been procrastinating and waiting till you felt braver.  Why not let go of the regret and procrastination and trust God enough to obey. He promises to be with  you. He promises to give you strength. What a joy it is to obey!

Looking for new experiences in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Technology
2. Ink pens
3. Laura's poppyseed chicken casserole

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