Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 100- A Homework First

Tonight, I stayed up late doing homework for my "first."

Yes, it's been longer than 20 years since I stayed up late doing homework.  As you might guess, the homework is not for me. It is for Hannah Grace.  There were a few math problems that she needed help with so we worked on them this afternoon.  Here's a question that you can ponder as you read- how do you find the surface area of a rectangular prism?  How about a triangular prism?  Have you tried that lately?

I'm sure Hannah Grace's teacher taught this well, but she just needed a little help with a couple of problems.  Of course, she gets home late from school.  She then has dance practice and has to leave at 6 (we were about 15 minutes away from getting the homework done). Joel has a game at 7:30 (when dance is over) and it's hard to do homework that you don't quite understand at a ball game.  The game is over at 10:00 and it's late when they get home.  Oh, did I mention I teach a Bible class from 7-9 on Thursday nights? I got home around 10 as well.  She needs to be in bed and I'm still not sure how to find the surface area of a triangular prism. She goes to bed and I'm up late doing homework so I can explain it to her in the morning.

This one had us

She and I got the cube and the rectangular prism

The word problem threw her for a bit, but she got it

Happy Daddy doing homework

We got it.  The Internet is good for some things.  So is a thinking wife and a kind teacher who meet up at the ball park.  Hannah Grace is in bed and I'm ready to explain the last problem or two to her. 

As I was working on this, it reminded me of how we need each other. I know I knew how to do this at one time, but it has been a while.  I needed reminding.  A teacher reminding Laura sure helped.  The ability to look up a formula on the Internet is a big help. Someone had to put that on there. As believers in Christ, we need each other.  We need to remind each other how wonderful God is.  We need to testify to each other of how God is working in our lives for encouragement. We need to pray for each other so that we'll be in touch with what God is doing in our world.

Jesus tells us to love each other.  Everyone needs to love and be loved. God knows that and that's probably a big reason He tells us to do that so much.  John 15:12 says, "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you."  John 13:34-35 says, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." As I read those verses I can't get away from the fact that loving people like Jesus does is crucially important.  He loved us a lot. Jesus died for people.   Loving like that is the thing that is supposed to separate followers of Jesus from all other people.    He did not die for rules. He did not die for animals or trees.  He did not die for an organization. He died out of love for people. He often got in trouble for expressing love to people like sinners, tax-gatherers, or the sick on the wrong day.  We really do need each other's love.  I heard a guy named Jack Frost (seriously, that was his name) pray like this, "Father, fill my heart with your love and help me give it away to the next person I meet."  That's a cool prayer.

Loving the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Language
2. Paper
3. People who love me and I can love

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