Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 91- A "First" of Eliminating Negative Speaking

Today I chose to try to not say anything negative for my "first."

I read where the lady that wrote the book that inspired me to do this year of "firsts" did this for one of her "firsts."  It seemed like a good thing. The Bible talks about us having our speech seasoned with grace (Colossians 4:6).  Ephesians 4:29 says,  Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."

I really felt like this was going to be an easy one for me. I don't feel like I'm a person who speaks negatively as a way of life. I asked Laura and she agrees that speaking negatively is a not a major problem of mine.  I was relieved that she said that when I asked her.  Of course, she could be saying that just to make me feel better. Ooops, that's a bit negative right there.

Sweet Laura helping out

Joel the accountability partner
 I have good reason to speak graciously; I have been treated with much grace

So, this did turn out to be a bit harder than I thought. I was driving to meet a friend for lunch and there were these 2 vehicles (Jeeps) in front me. They were driving side by side and they would drive 35 and then up to 50 and back down to 35 and up to 50. I know one might do that, but two side by side?  I did manage not to say anything negative. 
There were a couple of tricky spots today.  One was while I was looking at FB for a few minutes. Laura was in the kitchen and I showed her a few beautiful pictures a friend of mine had posted. She looked at a few posts and said why do people post those things?  Well, saying that people are just dumb is probably a bit negative, so I rephrased and said that people like to post all kinds of things. Both kids did well with homework tonight. Whew!! I was ready for that one to be tough.  They were good about homework tonight. Bedtime was another time that I was thinking could be tough.  I was "encouraging" one of the children to not drag around and pick up the tempo in the getting ready for bed process.  I asked Laura if that was negative and she said no.  Parents have to have each other's backs.
I thought I was home free at this point.  But noooo, not yet, my friend.  You still have to post the blog and there are electronics involved with that. Yes, I do speak negatively to my electronics and I do it often.  Yes, I know it is not supposed to help at all.  So, I take the pictures with my phone and send them to the PC like I do every day via email and tonight they won't go through. The phone says my email account will not accept relaying.  I have no idea what that means.  I did the same thing I do every night when I post the blog and it just won't work. Aha, I'm on my toes and I get my tablet. I use it sometimes and it actually works better than the phone.  I send them from the tablet and then the email on the PC seems to not want to work. Really???  This chooses to happen on the day I'm not speaking negatively? After a few tries and some negative thoughts (not words) the email starts working again.  However, it is not getting the email with the pictures from the tablet. It's getting to be kind of funny at this point.  OK, it's funny now and would have been to the outsider at the time, but it was not funny to me. I just want to put the stupid pictures on the blog and hit publish.  I'm not trying to put out Sports Illustrated here!  I may mention that this is negative typing; I'm not saying any of this out loud.   I really have some negative words I'd like to say.
I leave the PC and go pray and lay down with the kids.  When I get back, there is the email from the tablet with the pictures.  The phone email is still relaying or something, I'm not sure.  Here's the thing that hit me.  I could have said some really negative things and it would have made bedtime a lot less pleasant. Just because things on the computer were not going well is no reason to spread the frustration around to the family.  There is nothing like some anger and frustration to get the kids in sleep mode (not to mention Laura or Barry).  Our words do carry weight. I was surprised at how often today I had negative thoughts that were about to express themselves.  Somehow, it's easy to feel I have a right to say things I want to say just because I feel like saying them. I'm not talking about cussing or real evil speaking; just complaining and negative stuff that is not helping anyone.  This has been an eye opening day for me.  I've learned to monitor the mind and mouth and think about the effect what I say has on others. Now, I'm waiting till midnight and this computer is getting some negative words!! Just kidding, maybe...
Speaking for the abundant life
3 things I thank God for today

1. Hannah Grace getting me on an April Fool's joke- fun laugh together
2. The stupid email finally coming through
3. Laura's blue eyes

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