Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 110- A Float First

Today is Easter.  We had a really fun Easter around here.  We talked about Jesus some, hid Easter eggs, went to church, ate lunch with some close friends, did some reading, and took a serious nap.

It has been a wonderful Easter.  It's been a bit tough to do a "first."  I hid Easter eggs- done that before. I did throw Joel's golden egg about 10-15 feet high in a tree.  I've never thrown an Easter egg up in a tree before; at least not that high.  That boy found it.  I really did not think he would find that one without help.  I taught Sunday School, sang in the Cantata, narrated the Cantata, and preached.  All things I've done before. Nothing really new though I did work in some apologetics in my Easter sermon that I've wanted to do for several years. Before this year it just seemed that the Lord was directing me another way.  I enjoyed presenting some reasonable evidence to believe that Jesus is alive and then challenging us to give the world reasonable evidence that we truly do believe that Jesus is alive.

Still, no real "first" and it gets to be 9:30 or so and I'm wandering around the kitchen looking for a "first."  When what did my eyes behold?

See anything interesting?

How about here?

Well, what I saw was some root beer and some ice cream.  I can not remember the last time I had a root beer float. I'm not sure if I've ever had a root beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream float.  I had a root beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream float for my "first."

You got to have plenty of ice cream for a float

I'll admit it was kind of lame to do this for a "first" on Easter.  The day that Jesus rose from the dead deserves a better "first" I guess.  Here's the thing; I'm glad it's not the first time I have preached, worshipped, sang, taught or played with the kids on Easter.  Sometimes it's nice after a full week to just have a float and hang out with your wife.

Some things are very serious.  Preparing for my  Easter message is very serious to me. Having time to play with my children is fun, but very important to me. The opportunity to have lunch with close friends is very important. So, while the "first" was not very "Eastery," it was still fun. The thing is, the last several times we've been to Sonic or Dairy Queen, I've thought about having a float but just never did it.  The year of "firsts" has been good for me to do things that I've wanted to do but have put them off.

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is a serious game (life) changer if you believe that He actually arose bodily from the dead.  Maybe there is something that you have been wanting to do for Jesus and just have been putting it off.  Why not do it this week?  I enjoyed my float.  Doing something for Jesus that we've been putting off is far better.

Seeking the abundant life (I started to say floating toward the abundant life)

3 things I thank God for today
1. Jesus is alive
2. The Hopewell choir that worked hard to worship through singing an Easter Cantata
3. Floats

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