Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 115- A Traveling Prayer First

Today I was in Mobile visiting a friend at the hospital. That's about 2 hours from here. I was thinking about a "first."  I've been in lots of hospitals since being a pastor and could not come up with a "first" other than performing some sort of medical procedure and that was unlikely and probably unhealthy for all concerned.

As I was traveling home, I thought about how I usually listen to the radio, music off my phone, or podcasts from my phone.  Today, I decided that I would turn off the radio and phone and pray out loud the whole way home for my "first."  It's likely that I will pray some while traveling, but I don't remember intentionally praying the whole way.  OK, not quite the whole way; I stopped and got some supper just outside of Mobile and after I ate, I prayed the rest of the way home.

Great day to pray and drive

God likes us to drive the speed limit

Not everybody drives the speed limit

Love the black cows amongst the red wild flowers

It was a beautiful day to drive and pray.  The way some people drive, I need to be praying every time I drive.  As I thought about doing this "first" I figured I would have some gaps of silence as I drove along.  I wondered who I would pray for as I drove.

The way I prayed today was to just talk with the Lord about life.  I really did not pray for anybody (sorry if you was hoping I prayed for you).  It's been a while since I just talked at length with the Lord about how I was feeling, some things I've been learning, what was going on in my life, and some decisions I need to make.  There were some things that I have not had time to really think through that just came out in prayer.  Who better to talk things over with than the Lord?  Usually in my prayer times each day, I tend to follow the acrostic PRAY.
P- Praise
Y- Yield

I've been praying that way for years and it's a great way to pray. This afternoon was different.  Yes, I praised God for some things. Yes, I repented of some things.  It was more of just sharing my heart with the Lord and letting the praise or repentance or whatever just surface as I drove along.  I found myself enjoying spending time with the Father. As I thought about doing this, I really thought I would be tempted to turn on a podcast or radio after a bit. I never was tempted to do that.

Why not consider taking some relaxed time to just talk with the Lord about what's on your heart?  Don't try to be too religious. God loves and knows the real you so you might as well be yourself. Perhaps you can consider turning off the radio or TV and spending some time with Jesus. I somehow felt lighter and more relaxed when I got home.

Praying for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Black cows grazing amongst red flowers
2. Mary Peacock
3. Relaxed prayer time

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