Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 109- An Easter Egg First

Our kids love to hunt Easter Eggs. They always have and still do.  Long after Easter, they would still want me to hide Easter Eggs in years past. I can remember years when I was still hiding Easter Eggs in June.  I thought I might be hiding Easter Eggs on Christmas Eve at times.

The way we've always divided the Easter Egg division of labor at our house is that Laura buys them and stuffs them and I hide them.  Laura suggested that I help stuff the Easter Eggs for my "first." Does this sound a bit fishy to anyone?  I had the great idea that since this was the night before Easter and Jesus was in the grave, I might go sit in the graveyard for a while tonight.  She actually thought that helping her stuff Easter Eggs would be more fun than sitting in a graveyard contemplating that sad Saturday so long ago.  Guess what?  Tonight I helped stuff Easter Eggs for my "first."

It seems like I have probably done this before. Laura doesn't ever remember me doing this. I guess I haven't.  We had a good time stuffing the eggs and laughing together.  I don't remember having plastic eggs with stuff in them growing up.  We had the real boiled eggs that we helped decorate and messed up the whole kitchen.  Then, when you found them, you just ate the eggs.  See, if we had this I would not be hiding eggs into June. Now this makes more sense.  Any eggs that you didn't find, you could find in a few days.  Just go sniffing around the backyard and you could find them.  These days the eggs are stuffed with candy and money and who knows what else.  I know it is candy and quarters here with the exception of the golden egg which has a dollar bill.

You are right, that's too many eggs for 2 children. We only used a portion of them.

Who knows why hiding Eggs that some rabbit supposedly brought got tied in with Easter. I'm sure I could google it and find out but at this point it doesn't matter much to me.  We have a lot of fun hiding eggs and then the kids will probably hide them from Laura and me if it is like years past.  It is interesting that we now fill eggs with things.  Celebrating Easter is really about God emptying something.  He emptied a grave that His Son in it.  It is not about a plastic egg devoid of life.  It's about an empty grave devoid of death so that we can have life.  When we come to a vital and real relationship with the Living Lord of creation, He can empty us of some things. I can think of things like hopelessness, despair, futility, aimlessness, purposelessness (is that a word??), and the great fear of death.  Since Jesus' body was filled with  life and came out of the grave, He can fill us with things like love, joy, peace, meaningful relationships, direction in life, and an embracing of what comes after death.

As you do what you do on Easter, remember about empty and full.  You may empty candy bags to fill Easter eggs or empty bowls to fill up your belly.  Let this remind you that because there is an empty tomb you can have a full life.

Celebrating a risen Savior that gives abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. The hopelessness of life has been defeated by Jesus
2. A wife that works hard to see our children have a meaningful Easter
3. Bluebirds

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