Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 93- A Magnifying First

Today, I taught Joel how to burn stuff with a magnifying glass for my "first."

This is something that I have not done in at least 20 years or more. I asked Joel earlier in the week if he had ever done this and he said no. Now, every boy needs to know how to use a magnifying glass to burn something.  So, I went and got us a magnifying glass. The lady at the store acted like I needed this to read or something.  No indeed, this is a higher calling.  I'm training my son in some masculine stuff here.

We went outside and found a leaf and in just a minute I had smoke curling up.  Joel wanted to try and he had smoke curling up before long.  Now, you know what comes next, right?  Can we burn the grass?  I'm not sure.  The grass didn't burn so well so I asked about a pine cone. That worked better and we're off seeing what will burn and what won't.  You just got to see that coming.  I went inside after a bit of burning.  Not long after, Joel came in excited that he had melted a little piece of a plastic toy.  That's exciting stuff right there.

When we sat down to eat supper, I told Joel that I thought that was fun burning stuff with the magnifying glass. He said, "That  was really fun."  Now, that's a "first" worth doing.

Our first victim

The reason that magnifying glass can be used to do this is that you hold it just right to focus the sun's rays in a small point. The smaller the point you can focus the faster it will burn.  It is really a lesson in the power of focus.  If a person can focus his/her attention, abilities, intelligence, and gifting on one thing, they can make great progress. If a person is scattered trying to be great at a hundred different things, they will probably not be great at any of them.

The great focus of our lives needs to be the Lord.  The Holy Spirit is here to help us glorify Jesus and become like Him.  If we are too concerned about money, how many people like us, what people are thinking about us, how are we fitting in, as well as our fears and doubts, we won't make much progress. We need a laser sharp focus on Jesus. What else is worth bringing all attention and energy to besides Him?

Rich Mullins wrote a song years ago titled, "My One Thing."  Here's the first verse, "Everybody I know says they need just one thing
And what they really mean is that they need just one thing more
And everybody seems to think they've got it coming
Well I know that I don't deserve You
Still I want to love and serve You more and more
You're my one thing.

Why not make Jesus your one thing?

Focusing on the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Burning stuff with Joel
2. My Thursday night class
3. Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

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