Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 117- Celebrate "God of the Earth" Day

This past Tuesday was Earth Day.  I missed out on the celebration.  This is one holiday I've never celebrated.  I looked online to see how some people celebrate Earth Day.  I read where some garden, make "earth crafts," and read up on earth education (issues such as pollution, endangered species, water shortages, recycling, and climate change). It seems to be centered around caring for the planet.  I believe that we need to be good stewards of the planet. Some carry that farther than I would.  Many of the more "out there" environmentalists (a relative term to be sure) are sometimes referred to as "tree huggers." I'm more of a wife hugger.

Wife Hugger
As I thought about Earth Day, something came to my mind. The earth and all of creation I believe to be God's creation. I also believe that there are things we can learn about God from observing nature. That is not as accurate a revelation of God as Scripture is to be sure, but we can see things in nature that remind us of God, draw out attention to God, and be a stimulus to worship God.  Instead of celebrating Earth Day, I decided to make up my own holiday. Today, I'm celebrating "God of the Earth Day" for my "first."

So, what this holiday means to me is that I will list 10 things from nature and what they teach me about God.  I offered my family to participate some.  The kids did not get to participate a lot because it was bedtime by the time we got home from church, had supper, and did our nightly deals. 

10 things about the Earth and creation and what they remind me of about God.  These are in no particular order.

1. Cardinals remind me of the beauty of God
2. Eagles remind me of the majesty of God (mountains do as well)
3. Rainbows remind me that God keeps His promises (from Laura)
4. Thunder and lightning remind me of God's strength (from Hannah Grace)
5. Joel's favorite name of God is rock which reminds me of God's stability and dependability
6. The stars remind me of the bigness of God
7. The sunrise and sunsets remind me that God is a God of order
8. Grass reminds me that God is eternal and life here on earth is brief
9. Water reminds me of the life of God; that He gives life
10. The sun reminds me of the glory of God
11. Flowers remind me of new beginnings (from Laura)

OK, I know that's eleven.  I got my 10 and realized I had forgotten one of Laura's and I'm not big on deleting reasons for praising God. If you want to join me in celebrating "God of the Earth Day" by all means, please help yourself.  Make your own list of 10 things about the Earth that remind you of God and praise Him! You can even do 11 if you'd like.

As good as creation is there are some extremely important things that we cannot learn from nature.  Nature does not teach us that man is sinful, Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again.  We have to tell people that.

Praising God for the abundant life

11 things I thank God for today
See above :)

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