Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 111- A Trick First

Hannah Grace was excited when I got home today. That's a lot better than her being bummed out about school.  She really wanted to show me something outside. So, I went outside to see what was so exciting.  She had taught our dog Mei Mei (pronounced may may) a trick.  I think Mei Mei was expecting to be fed because she did not seem interested in doing the trick. After several tries, she finally did it. Hannah Grace would hold up a hula hoop and Mei Mei jumped through it.  It's a pretty cool trick.

I started thinking (which is often a dangerous pastime of mine).  I've never jumped through a hoop before. Could I do that for a "first?"  It seems like I should be able to do that.  Then again, a hula hoop is pretty small when you think about your body going through it and not touching it. There really is no way I can see to do that and land on your feet.  What's a guy to do?  I attempted to jump through a hula hoop for my "first."

I asked Hannah Grace about it and she repeatedly said, "Don't hurt yourself Daddy." That is very sweet and a bit sad. I should be able to do this without hurting myself.  I took a couple of practice runs up to it while I thought about it.  Then, I went for it.  I'm happy to say that I jumped through the hoop without touching it anywhere and did not hurt myself.

That didn't hurt
Hard earned grass stains

Sometimes being a Daddy, husband, and a pastor can feel a bit like jumping through hoops. There are schedules to keep, kid events to attend, people to see, people to call, meetings to go to, etc.  That's true for most of us.  There is plenty to do and you can feel like you are jumping through hoops.  I don't feel that way most of the time.  There is a verse in Colossians that helps me a lot with this struggle. It is Colossians 3:23:  Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."  It sure helps to remember that I'm not just doing tasks. I am serving the Lord. That is true no matter what we do when we do it out of love for Jesus and to bring glory to Him. There are no mundane tasks if it's done for Jesus.  Even if someone else does not appreciate you remember that God knows everything you do for Him with a pure heart. You are not going to get to heaven one day and feel like you've gotten a bad deal if you spend your life for Jesus.  He is a great rewarder of those who seek Him.

Stop jumping through hoops. I know I will. I did not get hurt, but the landing was a little tougher than it would have been 25 years ago.  Instead of jumping through hoops, serve Jesus with all the love of your heart. Every inch of your life becomes holy ground when you do that and no task is without meaning.

Giving up jumping through hoops to have the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Bread
2. The privilege of doing all of life with Jesus
3. Mei Mei

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