Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 114- A Nursing Home First

Today I went to visit a friend at a nursing home.  He is a very kind person and I enjoy visiting with him.  Since I've been a pastor, I've had a number of people tell me that they don't enjoy nursing homes and hospitals.  Well, just going to those places is not something I enjoy, but when people I care about go there I go and visit because I care about them.  Just a bit of pastoral perspective there I didn't see coming.

I had a couple of "firsts" at the nursing home. I was talking with a nurse when a lady bumped into with her wheelchair.  I thought it was an accident but it was not.  When I stepped back and looked at her she said, "Are you my son?"  I said no mam.  I've had worse said to me in nursing homes.  You just have to go with the nursing home flow when you are there.  That was a "first."

Then when I went to leave, I had trouble at the door. Nursing homes will often have a door lock to keep low functioning residents from wandering off.  I'm used to that but this one had several different boxes and I was standing there tyring to figure it out when one of the residents told me how to do it.  I had to ask a question or two and he was very helpful. He was a high functioning resident. That was a "first" as well. I've never had to have a resident assist me in getting out of the nursing home.  In all fairness to me, I do think I would have figured it out if I had another minute or two before he offered his help.

When I visit someone in the nursing home, I almost always ask the person if I can pray for them. Today, I went to the nurses station and asked the nurse there if there was anything I could pray for her.  I happened to know her so that was cool.  She gave me a few prayer requests for her family and I prayed for them on the way home. I always pray for the resident, but for my "first" I prayed for the nursing home nurse.

Pray for God to bring some color to people's lives, i.e. the abundant life. I learned this at church last night from our sweet ladies

Maybe I don't have this because I prayed for this picture to straighten up but it has not

If your child has a backpack, you can be sure they need you to pray for them

We have the privilege to pray to One who made all of this!

Did I feel "led" to offer to pray for this sweet nurse?  Not really.  I just thought how I always pray for the residents, but have not thought to pray for the nurses.  I would think that being a nurse in the nursing home would not be an easy job.  There has to be some pretty decent challenges that go along with that particular job.  My friend that I visited with bragged and bragged on how good the nurses were to him. So here are some people giving of themselves to serve people that need serving and so why wouldn't God want me to pray for them? 

God does not have to appear to us in a dream for us to see that some things are His will for us.  What's the downside of offering to pray for someone?  Perhaps there is someone in your life that serves others that you could offer to pray for them and thank them for their service. It could be someone like a teacher, police officer, nurse, principal, etc.  Ask God to show you someone that you can call and just ask, "Can I pray for you today. I appreciate what you do." Wait a minute, is that prayers I hear being asked?

Praying for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Nursing Home nurses
2. Garbage collectors
3. Vultures

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