Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 124- A Foreign Beverage First

Today, I drank coffee from Uganda as my "first."  I drank it much too late in the day, I might add.

Our church has hosted a choir made up of orphans and underprivileged children from Uganda the last two years. They choose different children each year to come and tour the U.S. accepting offerings to help support 14 orphanages in Uganda.  Three people from Hopewell went to Uganda on a mission trip a couple of weeks ago. They brought me a bag of coffee back as a gift. Thanks!!

I love to purchase coffee from foreign countries when I go on mission trips. It is fun to taste coffee from different countries. Also and more importantly to me, it gives me a reminder of what God did in my life on the trip.  As I drink the coffee each morning, it also can serve as a reminder to pray for the people I met.  I did not go to Uganda on this trip, but the team brought me some coffee. That was very thoughtful of them.

So, I made the coffee and went to get a cup.  I also collect coffee cups from places I've been that are meaningful to me; mission trips, vacations, etc.  It was a little hard to choose a cup to drink my first cup of coffee from Uganda in.

I love Tigger, but it's hard to do Tigger when thinking of the Ugandan orphans.

Laura and I enjoyed visiting Universal Studios back when  we were dating. I met her Dad for the first time on this trip.  Still does not seem appropriate.

We had a great 10th anniversary cruise. It's not the right cup, though.

I enjoy LSU sports; sports are nothing compared to suffering children.

Here we go!!

The coffee from Uganda tastes great. I know that as I drink it each day, I'll be reminded of the children from Uganda that we've met and fell in love with. Hopefully, I'll be reminded to pray for them and for the many suffering children that I have not met in Uganda.

The three people that went to Uganda shared about their trip at church tonight. They had some great pictures.  It was so cool to see the children that were in our church and homes last year.  Due to the wonder of electronics, we even had videos of them saying hey to us.  Our church provided funds to put a well at one orphanage. We were able to see pictures of the well and a video of the pastor there thanking us for doing that for them. They even brought a jar of water from that well home with them. What a cool evening.

I need reminding once in a while that there are children going to a school that has no desks, no books, and no chairs in the school and mine have so many educational opportunities.  It's helpful for me to be reminded that there are children where a pastor walks down the street in the evening looking for a place for them to sleep and mine have their own bed and room.  I can easily forget that there are children who need clean drinking water and all we have to do is turn on the faucet.  It does bring a bit of perspective to life. God loves those children just like He loves the ones that live in my house.  What should my response to that be? How do I live in response to that?  That's a question I'll ponder over my coffee.

Needing to share the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Ugandan coffee and thoughtful friends
2. Pictures and videos of Ugandan children
3. The conviction of the Holy Spirit

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