Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 141- An Art First

Today I went to the Mobile Museum of Art for my "first."

I was in Mobile visiting a friend in the hospital.  On the way down, a big water bird flew over the interstate with a snake in his/her claws.  That was pretty cool.  Being in Mobile offers me more "first" opportunities so I typed museums in my travel app thing and it turned out that I was only 1.4 miles from the Mobile Museum of Art.  So, after I looked at the sun and tried to determine which direction west was  (the lady on the app said "turn west" despite my repeated requests for right or left), I headed to the Mobile Museum of Art.

I'm not really an art guy.  This is definitely something I would not have done if it was not my year of "firsts."  The price was reasonable and I had an hour (which I correctly thought  would be plenty for me) so I went to the museum and looked at some art.

The thing I really liked about the museum was that it was quiet and cool.  If they had books and coffee, I could have stayed all afternoon.  I think that's called a bookstore.  It was a pretty nice place to relax and spend an hour on a hot afternoon.  I don't really know anything about art but they do have some pretty pictures.

Love some watermelon; really love to eat it more than look at it

This is "lady with a bad haircut"

I believe that's a whip in this girl's hand; is this scary to anyone but me??  What if she grows up to be a teacher? Or a Mom? Or a wife?

Norman Rockwell

Caption said ice chest; it was just a bit larger than the size of a gallon ice cream container. It would not hold many fish

This is called cloisonne art.  We saw them making this kind of art when we were in China-it's made out of copper or something

Here's some real art: the pictures below are what Joel and Hannah Grace painted for Mother's Day this year. You can tell which one is Hannah Grace's 

Looking at art is pretty cool.  It sure beats a bare wall.  As I looked at the pictures and stuff today, I thought about how pretty they were but they could not take the place of the real thing. I have pictures of my family in my office and I love them.  It is much better to have my family in my office than the pictures.  Pictures can't hug, laugh, smile, or talk.  I have pictures of fish I have caught. Catching fish is way more fun than looking at a picture of fish.

I need to make sure that I have a real relationship with God and not just a picture of one.  It is easy to listen to sermons and hear people talk about Jesus and try to look like they do.  Just trying to look like a Christian cannot compare to having a real relationship with God where He is active in my life. Hearing about God is no substitute for having the peace that passes all understanding or joy unspeakable.  Let's make sure our relationship with God is real and not just a picture of what we think it ought to look like.

Wanting the real experience of the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Art
2. The kids mother's day gifts this year
3. Birds that kill snakes

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