Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 139- A Shining Christian First

I was at the Lifeway bookstore today in Mobile.  When I went to pay for my purchases, the young lady that was working at the cash register was someone that had waited on me before a few times.  She has a super sweet personality.  I've noticed what seems to be a real Christlikeness in her that is beyond the normal.  Of course, this is just in a few minutes at the cash register which does not tell me a whole lot about her. Still, she just shines.  Today, I asked her what caused her to have such a sweet personality for my "first."

This is not something I would normally do. I normally would just smile back but today I decided to take it a step further because I needed a "first" and this had possibilities.  Here is a  young lady that seems to be shining for Jesus and I wanted to hear her say why she was that way and hopefully be an encouragement to her.  So, I told her that I had been in the store several other times and she had checked out my purchases for me.  I went on to tell her that she has such a sweet personality and asked her why that was.  Her answer was precious.  She said that God had given her that personality and she had always kind of been that way. That's a pretty humble response. I responded by saying that she had received a really nice gift.  She then looked down and shook her head a time or two (I could tell she was about to say something else so I just kept quiet and thought.. wait for it).  She said, "Jesus gives me joy."  Boom, there it is. I knew that was the reason.  At least I was pretty sure.  It was so cool to her her say it.  I then told her that it was obvious and that the joy of Jesus just exuded from her.  Bless her heart, she turned a bright red.  I don't usually notice when people blush, but she turned a bright red.  That may have been a "first" for me as well; embarrassing a check-out clerk.  I said that I could tell that the joy of Jesus combined with her personality was a wonderful gift of the Lord.  I then told her that my wife had a very similar personality and was a lot of fun to be around.  That is very true plus I wanted to take any of the "creep" vibe away that may be there.

I love a bookstore; love this book

Hmm, thinking about buying this one

Love this book; don't tell anyone I read Beth Moore books (they are for ladies)

I love this book

This was a fun "first."  It was encouraging to hear a young lady probably in her 20's say that Jesus gives her joy and to witness that joy shining through her eyes.  I hope it was encouraging to her that others could see Jesus shining in her life.  We live in a tough world that is often brutal.  How refreshing it is to see someone that has kindness and concern oozing out of them. She works in a Christian bookstore but there was that "something" that set her apart.

Seeing her work in there challenges me. Do people truly see Jesus in me?  They won't if He is not truly in control of my life.  My focus is not to be "Can people see Jesus in me?" as much as "Is Jesus controlling my life?"  If Jesus is controlling my life, He can take care of what people see in me.  If I'm simply trying to act in a way that people will say they see Jesus in me, that can be self-centered.

You've probably seen Jesus shining in someone lately. Why not tell them that? It might be very encouraging.

Encouraged to see others living the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Joel having fun playing baseball
2. Christlike salespeople
3. The book "Love Does" by Bob Goff

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