Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 142- A Help Desk First

A friend of mine updated to a new I-Phone.  So, he gave me his old I-Phone which was an update for me.  The big advantage for me to have this new (to me) I-Phone was that it was 4G and mine was 3G. 

He helped me to transfer data from the old phone to this new phone.  When we (that means he did stuff and I watched) got the phone up and running with all my data on it, the display still read 3G.  So, when I got home I called my phone provider and asked about how to get the phone to go to 4G.

The help desk guy actually helping me did not go well.  He tried to explain to me that this phone that I now have is a 3G phone. I tried explaining to him that my friend was using 4G on this phone yesterday and had been for a while (I found out later that it was actually the day before yesterday, but I was close). His website was telling him 3G and my friend was telling me 4G.  He tried a thing or two to get it to 4G and we never did.  Somehow it seems that this provider has toned down my phone to 3G where with other providers it would be a 4G.

So, the conversation with the help desk guy did not solve my dilemma.  As we were wrapping up the conversation, I asked him if he was stupid or just trying to rip me off.  Actually, I did not say that. I asked him to remind me of his name. It was Sergio.  I told Sergio that I was a Christian and enjoyed praying for people and was there something he would like me to pray for him about. For my "first," I asked the guy from the help desk if I could pray for him.

I can't have 4G?

The preacher

Oh, yea, Jesus is here

This was a cool "first" on two levels.  First, the guy seemed very appreciative that I would ask him if I could pray for him. He said something like, "It is with much gratefulness that I would like for you to pray for me." We never did quite connect on him giving me a specific prayer request.  It seems there is possibility that English was not Sergio's native language. I know that he speaks English better than I speak his native language. In view of this, I was content with simply telling him that I would pray for him.

The other cool thing about this "first" was that it helped me.  Somewhere around the middle of this phone call it occurred to me that this could be a "first."  The phone call was somewhat disappointing. I have a 4G phone that will not do 4G.  It was tempting to get a bit irate and unkind with my man Sergio.  I know it is not his fault. He has nothing to do with my phone capabilities with that company. I'm sure there are times in his day when he does get talked to in something less than a Jesus pleasing tone.  Knowing that I was going to ask him if I could pray for him helped me to treat him in a kind way.  I did ask specific questions and did want to know why this would not work, but that can be done in a way that is honoring to the Lord and treats people with respect.  In addition, it's not a big deal whether I have 3G or 4G.  I was happy with 3G and still am. I don't even know what 4G is.

Even when we are disappointed and things don't go our way, it is helpful to remember that glorifying God is more important that 3 or 4G, or how fast you get your order at the restaurant, or if the person in front of you at Wal-Mart has 372 coupons.  More importantly is that in this situation, will I glorify God?

Looking to Jesus for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Psalm 23
2. Louis Kathman's song "Unconditional Surrender"
3. Our children's last day of school for this year

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