Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 125- A T-Shirt Interpretation First

Today I shared an interpretation about a guy's T-shirt to him as my "first."

I had a couple of other small "firsts" today. I saw a roadkill I had never seen before. Someone had hit a wild hog on the interstate. That's quite a sight to see a dead wild hog laying on the side of the interstate. It was not a small one either. I also ordered a latte which is one of my favorite coffee drinks. They typically ask if you would like a flavor put in it. I almost always say no.  Today I said yes.  I asked for a shot of peppermint in my latte.  It was pretty good. Next time, I'll go sans peppermint.

OK, back to the T-shirt "first." It's not too uncommon these days to see someone wearing a Christian T-shirt.  I was walking to my car in the parking lot of a hospital when I saw a guy who was wearing a Christian T-shirt.  It had John 10:10 on the back. It had the words to the verse but not the address. Usually, I would have just walked on by.  But today, I decided to engage the guy in conversation.  I said, "Hey, I like your T-shirt." He said, "Thanks."  I said that is one of my favorite verses- John 10:10. He acted like he knew that from what he said; I don't exactly remember what he said.  I decided to go ahead and give him a bit of explanation for the verse (which is really unlike me; it's why this is a "first"). I said, "My wife says that means life with a capital L."  He said absolutely.  Then I told him to have a blessed day.  It was not a huge "first" but it was just a way to step out a bit.

What I thought was cool about this was that the abundant life is one of the reasons I started doing "firsts."  I felt like Jesus had blessed me tremendously, but I  was not as grateful as I should be and I was not enjoying the blessings like I should be.  The T-shirt grabbed my eye when I saw this guy walking in front of me and it seemed like a good time to say something about it .

I do look sometimes for Christian things I can comment on that might lead to a conversation about Jesus.  When I see a lady wearing a cross necklace, sometimes I'll comment on that and have had that lead to conversations about Jesus.  I had a waiter one time that had a huge cross tattoo on his forearm and that led to a conversation about Christ. I stopped one time to help a guy with his car (I was no help with the car; there's a real surprise) and ended up driving him to town. He had a cap on that said "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter."  When I commented on his hat, he took it off to get a look at it. He did not know what it said and we had a good conversation about Jesus and Him being our boss.

I want to have the mindset of always looking for a way to turn a conversation toward Jesus.  He's too wonderful to be quiet about and people need Him too much to pass up opportunities to talk about Him.

Looking for opportunities to share the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Opportunities to talk about Jesus
2. Charles Stanley
3. Taste

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