Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 128- A No Socks First

Today is National "No Socks" day. I celebrated this holiday for my "first."

I've went without socks before.  When I was small, I went without socks a lot. In the summer, we often played barefooted (barefoot, barefeet?).  In case you don't  know, having a bike wreck while barefooted (or barefeet or barefoot) greatly increases the amount of pain the wreck will inflict upon your body. Since I've become an adult, I've went without socks when I ran out of clean ones. I've never celebrated "No Socks" day as a holiday.

There's not a whole lot to it. The first thing is that you have to wash your feet the night before or the day off. I read that on the website.  Since I shower almost every morning that was not a hard deal for me.

When I got dressed, I did not put on socks. I thought it might be a bit weird at certain places I went today.  People either did not notice (it's not something I felt a need to draw attention to) or just chose to not comment. It's not the kind of thing that you feel the need to mention. The fact that you are celebrating "No Socks" Day is not something that is easy to work into a conversation.  It's hard to imagine saying something like, "Yes, it is starting to get warmer. That's why I'm celebrating "No Socks" Day."  Or, "So your son hit a home run last night. That's reminds me that today is "No Socks" Day.

I was asked to mention that the red is paint not blood; there is no bleeding necessary in "No Socks" Day

After going all day with no socks, I discovered that I like wearing socks. The idea of wearing no socks sounds more appealing than it actually was.  My feet sort of stuck to the sole of my shoe.  I started getting a slight blister on my little toe; the one that went wee wee wee all the way home.  It felt like I might pull the insole out of my shoe when I took my shoes off. I think this would have been even worse on a day when I wore dress shoes.  I'm glad "No Socks" day did not come on a Sunday this year.

What do I wear tomorrow? 

The thing that I noticed today is that my feet were more sensitive to what was happening in my shoe.  I noticed where the shoes rubbed just a bit. I was more aware of how the sole of my shoes felt. While this is not exactly a great thing, it did remind me to try to be aware of what God is doing in and around my life.  There is a great need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He is prompting me to do during the day. The sensitivity in my feet came when there were no socks between my feet and my shoes.  It helps to be more sensitive to the Spirit by not having any sin between me and Him. It's not that I have to live sinless; I'd be done if that was the case.  I have to deal with the sin as the Spirit convicts me. I have to confess my sin and put it away. That word confess means to agree with or to say the same thing as someone else says.  When I confess my sins, I agree with God that I have sinned, that I am turning away from it, and that the blood of Jesus cleanses me. It is not just telling God that I've sinned. He knows that. Confessing is owning that I chose to sin, it was my fault, and I'm willing to turn away with the Spirit's help.

If you are having trouble sensing the Spirit in your life, it is worth the time to see if there is something between you and Him.  He is worth paying attention to!

Seeking to be sensitive in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Socks- especially cool ones
2. Tater tots
3. Leading of the Holy Spirit

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