Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 132- A Check-Out Clerk First

I offered the check-out lady at Wal-Mart some food from my groceries as my "first" today.

Here's what happened.  I was checking out at Wal-Mart and making small talk with the clerk.  She mentioned she had not been back from lunch long.  So, I say I hope she had a good lunch.  She tells me that she had to drive to a neighboring town (land of Opportunity) and did not have time to eat.  Well, here's an opportunity for a "first".  I offer her some of my groceries to help her out until time for her to have another break.  I was serious. This has the potential for a unique "first."

Perhaps I should mention here that I was not technically "grocery shopping."  I went to town to visit a friend in the hospital and do a couple of errand kind of things.  Laura mentioned that we needed some milk and toothpaste; both essential items. As I'm getting these items, I see a thing or two that we were probably out of so I picked them up.  I feel like I should mention this before continuing with the story.

When I realized the clerk had missed her lunch, I felt I should offer her a bite to eat.  It sounds fun.  Somewhere between the time I started talking and I got to the part where I mentioned a food item, it dawned on me that this might not go well.  I said, "Would you like some Raisinets?"  She made a face and said she did not really care for Raisinets.  If she was really hungry, she should have taken me upon the offer right there.  I said, "Well, I have some yogurt."  She said she did not really like yogurt either.  OK, here we go with my last offer.  "I have some sardines, would you like some of those?"  She said her next break was not that long and she thought she would wait.  She said that like she meant it.  Her facial language indicated that she meant it as well.  So, I offered but was turned down.

She should have taken the Raisinets

I've heard that eating sardines is good for your brain. I know, I know, when you stop eating them is when you can tell you are getting smarter.

Was she holding out for pizza?

She did not take me up on my offer because it was not very appetizing. Who buys Raisinets, yogurt, and sardines?  That would be me, actually.  In my defense, these items were not to be eaten at the same meal.  If you are going to offer someone something, it needs to be something worth having.  As a follower of Jesus, I want other to give their lives to Christ.  I ask people to give their lives to Christ.  I do need to consider (as do all believers), would someone else actually want what I have?  Would they truly want the:
  • Peace I experience with Jesus
  • Joy I experience with Jesus
  • Marriage Christ has given Laura and me
  • Contentment I have in Jesus
  • Freedom from addictions Christ has brought to me
The list could go on.  Do I have something in Jesus that other people would like to have? I know the answer is supposed to be yes, but is it really?  It is a question worth considering.  Am I offering something (from the standpoint of my life not just from the standpoint of truth) that is worth having? If all I have to offer is a life full of fears, anxieties, bitterness, and junk like that, why would anybody want that?  They may as well stay with what they have.  I want to be sure I'm living a life that is worth giving away. 

I ate the Raisinets first.

Glad for the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Reality of the Christian life
2. Authentic Christians
3. Internet is fixed at my house

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