Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 278- A Goat First

Today was the first day of a scheduled revival at Hopewell.  We had a very inspiring and challenging day as we worshipped and studied God's word together.  God truly used Calvin Crowe and his family to lead us in worship. God truly used Don Graham to speak God's truth about revival and the family.  We also had some very sweet families feed us meals today.  We had a blast eating and hanging out together. Praise the Lord for meeting with us today.

After the evening meal, I needed to go to Wal-Mart for an item or two for a school lunch.  It occurred to me that I had not done a "first" today.  I had been pretty caught up with revival and a "first" was not on my mind.  This is a good thing until 10:30 at night and I don't have a "first." While I was at Wal-Mart in the dairy section, I saw a carton of goat's milk.  I drank goat's milk for my "first" today.

It seems like I remember my Mom telling me that I had to have goat's milk when I was very little because of allergies.  I don't remember ever drinking goat's milk and it's been over 20 years since I was an infant, so this counts as a "first."  Somehow, a few of us were talking a while back and the subject of goat's milk came up. One of them said drinking goat's milk was like licking the side of a goat's head.  This was not a fond memory as I drove home with my goat's milk.

I drank some.  It was not like licking the side of a goat's head to me.  It really was not that bad.  It really was not that good.  I could drink it if I needed to, but I think cow's milk suits me better as an adult.  I gave the cat some and she seemed to like it better than me.  I may have bought some expensive milk for the cat.

As I thought about this "first," it occurred to me that it really seems odd to me to drink goat's milk.  That is just not what most people do. I checked out a website or two to see which is healthier.  One website said they were about the same; several others said goat's milk is actually healthier.   It is easier to digest, not as likely to cause allergies, and less cholesterol according to the sites I looked at. I did not do any independent studies.

While something may seem odd, it may actually be good for you.  I did not know goat's milk (presumably) had any health benefits over cow's milk.  Sometimes I read something in the Bible that sounds odd.  Things like I need to die to live, give to receive, love my enemies, forgive those who've hurt me, and pray for my enemies. These things seem odd. They don't sound like much of what I hear in the culture today.  As one man said, "When the Bible speaks, God speaks."  So, if it comes from God, it's good for me. Even if other people don't do it. Even if others think it is odd. Even if people think I'm weird. If you look around at the culture, there are a lot of things much weirder than following Jesus.

Who are you and I going to believe?  We can choose the culture, friends, famous people, books, talk radio, or the Bible.  I believe God speaks through the Bible.  If that is true, it would be very wise to follow Him even if it appears odd. 

Now for some reason, I feel like rubbing my head on a tree...

Drinking in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Cows
2. Don Graham
3. Calvin Crowe and family

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