Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 294- A Pre-Bible Study First

I had a small group Bible study tonight. We have these at each other's house because it's more relaxed and comfortable there.  We actually had it at one of the member's parents' house tonight.  I was really encouraged by the group tonight as we talked about following Jesus.

About 5 minutes before the group started, the phone rang.  The group member whose parents' home it was answered the phone. It was for her parents and she was explaining that to the caller.  She explained that we were about to have a Bible study. I could tell that the person that she was talking to was apologizing for calling when we were about to have a Bible study. Our group member is very sweet and was telling them that it was OK and she would have her parents call them back.

Well, I saw an opportunity for "first."  I've never asked someone talking to someone on their parents' phone to see if we could pray for the person they were talking to. I asked a friend to ask a person she was talking to on her parents' phone if we could pray for them during our Bible study for my "first."

I was a bit conflicted about this "first."  I did not have any idea who she was talking to and it was none of my business.  Plus, I was kind of putting her on the spot a bit.  My friend loves Jesus and shares her faith and prays for people so I felt comfortable asking her this.  So, I whispered to her, "Ask them if we can pray for them during our Bible study." She did.  The person she was talking to said we could and mentioned a health issue with his wife.  He was very grateful that she asked.

After that, my friend asked if she could pray for them right then over the phone. The guy said that would be good.  So, she did.  I was very encouraged by her and proud of her. When she got off the phone she said that was a "first" for her. She had never done anything exactly like that on the phone with someone she did not know.  She gave me permission to use this as my "first" as well.

Follow Jesus when you are on the phone

You might look like a nut to some people if you follow Jesus

Run to follow Jesus

God wants to use us to challenge each other out of our comfort zones.  Some of my greatest growth periods as a believer has been when someone challenged me to do something for Jesus that I had never done and was pretty sure God wanted me to do.  In my college years, there was a guy named Charlie Jones who challenged me to start a guy's Bible study in one of the dorms.  This is something that I would never have decided to do on my own. He offered to help me.  We picked out a dorm and passed out some information sheets asking if anyone was interested in a Bible study in the dorm. A good number of people said they were interested and would come.  I was very nervous.  My friend stayed outside and prayed for me.  Nobody showed up.  I mean nobody but Jesus and me.  I was discouraged and embarrassed. I felt like a fool.  Charlie encouraged me and helped me to try again.  God brought a few guys into my life and we did start a dorm Bible study. It turned out to be one of the highlights of my college days. I'm so grateful for Charlie encouraging me to do that.  I probably would never have done that without him. The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17 (NLT), "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."  See if you might sharpen someone today.

Glad for the sharpeners in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Beauty of Joel and Hannah Grace's hair
2. Sharpeners
3. There were no cell phones with cameras when I was a teenager and/or college student

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