Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 286- A Power First

Tonight, I went for a walk during a thunder and lightning storm for my "first."

When I got home from my small group Bible study, it was raining a bit.  I looked at the radar and it said it was raining all around me.  So, I decided that I would go for a walk in the rain for my "first." I came inside and told Laura my plans.  Then, I changed shoes to walk in the rain.  When I went outside, it had quit raining.  I walked for about 20-25 minutes and it never rained.  It did thunder and lightning quite a bit.  I decided that I would save the rain walk for another day since it did not seem like it was going to rain again.  The thunder and lightning show was quite nice.  It was not so near to make me jump out of my shoes which was nice. It did rumble pretty good and light up the sky quite nice fairly often.  I enjoyed my walk while watching the thunder and lightning show.

This is just for comparison; what the night looks like without lightning

Hopewell church at night

As I walked, I thought about the power of God.  It would lightning pretty regular and then came the deep rumbling thunder.  It reminded me that God has great power.  One website I read said this, "A typical lightning bolt contains about 15 million volts of electricity and instantly heats up the air around it to over 60,000 degrees, with some reaching more than 100,000 degrees. That's why the total energy of a strong thunderstorm can exceed the energy released during an atomic explosion."

That's a lot of power.  Yet, God created this.  In fact, the Bible tells us that God simply spoke and there was light.  Only God can create something out of nothing. We can harness all the energy mankind can come up with and not create something out of nothing; especially if we were limited to simply speaking. This is God's domain.

I was convicted how I sometimes worry over things that I've prayed about.  If I could keep in mind the great power of God, it seems that my worries should greatly diminish. If God can create the world, then He can certainly handle my issues.  May you and I always be reminded that we serve a mighty God every time we see a thunderstorm.  The God that created the storm and rules the storm is our Father.  Hallelujah!! That is really good news.

I am reminded that I should focus on God more than my problems.  He should consume the focus of my heart more than sad or bad news.  He cannot be overwhelmed.  Since I'm His child, I should not be overwhelmed either. 

Amazed at the power of God in the abundant life

3 things I thank God for today
1. Thunder
2. Lightning
3. Power of God

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