Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 308- A God Pocket First

I had my small group Bible study tonight. This is a really fun group. They laugh a lot.  They are open and honest about trying to follow Jesus.  We have some good discussions about what the Bible says about following Jesus and we pray for each other. I look forward to Tuesday nights (and Monday nights when I have a different group).

Some of our group members were not able to be there tonight, but these folks are a lot of fun

Tonight, after our Bible study time we started talking about a God pocket (among other things) while eating snacks. It's an idea from Bruce Wilkinson. He suggests keeping some money in your wallet that is designated to give away as you sense the Lord directing you.  Some of our people do that.  One group member said that she wanted to have a God pocket and was working financially to get to the place where she could have a God pocket. I gave her money to start a God pocket of her own for my "first."

When I did that, the Bible study folks suggested that I could use that for my "first."  I asked her if I could and she graciously said yes.  This was a bunch of fun.  I know this person is very serious about following Jesus.  I appreciate her desire to be financially responsible. I want her to have the fun of having a God pocket. It is exciting to have some money set aside in your wallet to give away.  Then, when you sense that God wants you to bless someone (especially someone that you don't know), you can just give them the money and say, "I believe God wants me to give this to you."  I know she is going to have fun doing this and I asked her to tell me about it when she does.  I am looking forward to hearing how God uses her God pocket.

This past Sunday I preached on "Giving is Fun."  I challenged our people to pray this prayer often this week, "I want to experience the joy that comes from giving. I ask that today an opportunity to give will come my way, that I will recognize it when it does, and that I will have the courage to jump in and give."  So, I've been praying that this week.  When our sister mentioned that she wanted a God pocket, I immediately recognized that this was an opportunity for me to give. There was no doubt in my mind that God wanted me to do this.  What's the downside of that?  The only thing I was concerned about was that there are some sensitive, generous people in that Bible study and I figured I had better hurry or someone might beat me to this opportunity. It is fun to have people that you know are godly and generous and will beat you to an opportunity.

Giving is fun.  Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.  You probably know that. Just think about it  Would you rather be the family that needs help giving presents to your children this year or the family giving to someone who needs help giving presents to their children this year? Would you rather be the family that can't pay their light bill or the family that pays someone else's light bill?  Would you rather be the family that does not have food for their children or the family that gives food to feed hungry children. Jesus is right. It is more blessed to give than to receive.  I'm so glad that there are people who know that Jesus is right and want to give. It really is fun.

Liking the fun of giving in the abundant life,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Bruce Wilkinson's God pocket idea
2. The small group Bible studies I'm a part of right now
3. Jesus taught that giving is better than receiving

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