Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 333- A Thankful First

We've had a great Thanksgiving in our family. We had a wonderful trip home to visit family.  Everyone seems to be doing pretty well physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  There is always room for improvement, but we thank God for how He has blessed us as a family. 

I was thinking about Thanksgiving today. At this time of the year, I hear a lot of people say something like, "I have a lot to be thankful for." I rarely hear people actually thank God for a lot. That does not mean they don't, but it is a lot easier to say that than it is to do that.  In fact, I wish followers of Jesus would say things like, "I thank God" or "I thank Jesus" rather than something like "I'm thankful." I've heard people who are not followers of Jesus say that they are thankful. I like it when people say exactly who they are thanking.

I also think it is very easy to say something like "I am thankful for so much" rather than actually thanking God for a lot of things. I decided to challenge myself to do a little thanking God instead of just talking about it or being generic in my thanksgiving.  I usually end my blog with 3 things I thank God for, but today I am going to list 50 things I thank God for as my "first."  I have never sat down and written out 50 things I thank God for in one sitting that I remember.

These will be in no particular order. I am just going to write as they come to mind and thank God for each one.

Thankful in the abundant life,

50 things I thank God for today
1. Jesus loves me
2. Jesus is Lord
3. Jesus is my Savior
4. Jesus is worth trading the whole world for
5. Laura, Hannah Grace, and Joel
6. My parents
7. My sister and brother and their families
8. The Hopewell family
9. A safe trip home today
10. Swamps in La.
11. Grace of a deer
12. The taste of a tender deer steal
13. The majesty of a lion that reminds me of Jesus
14. C.S. Lewis
15. Chronicles of Narnia
16. John Eldredge and his books
17. Billy Graham and his family
18. 1st Baptist Church in Baker, La. where I grew up
19. Rev. Allen Johnson who was my pastor
20. People that I've had the privilege to baptize
21. God has allowed me to be in His ministry for over 30 years (I started when I was 6)
22. Joni Eareckson and her ministry
23. Christian brothers and sisters at SLU that encouraged me when I was in college
24. Bill Bright and the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru)
25. My health through these years
26. That I live in a place with readily accessible medical care
27. That I live in a place with readily accessible clean drinking water
28. Thumbs
29. Shrimp
30. Laughter
32. Christmas
33. Easter
34. Music
35. Missionaries
36. Christian retreats and conferences
37. God has adopted me as His Son
38. God has called me to be His ambassador
39. Beverly and Charles Massegee
40. Satsumas
41. Milk
42. Fish- the ability to catch and eat
43. Beautiful birds like cardinals, eagles, bluebirds, etc.
44. Motorized vehicles
45. A/C and heat in my house and car
46. Recliner
47. Jesus is the Vine and I am a branch
48. His name is Emmanuel which means God with us
49. His name is Prince of Peace
50. His name is Jesus which means He will save His people from their sins
OK, I just feel like adding a few more
51. Tomorrow is Sunday and, Lord willing, I get to worship with the Hopewell family
52. Restful sleep in a comfortable bed
53. Babies
54. Successful surgeries
55. He works all things together for good to those who love Him
56. Christian biographies
57. People who share Christ in jails/prisons
58. Seminaries and Bible colleges
59. Persecuted believers who stand strong for Jesus in persecution
60. Kisses from my wife
61. Ability to hold hands with my wife and children
62.  Snuggly kids
63. Encouraging friends
64. Privilege of prayer
65. Writings of Andrew Murray
66. Ability to walk and run
67. Squirrels
68. Watermelons
69. Podcasts - I can listen to sermons online
70. Pandora
71. Bible concordances- online Bibles I can do searches on
72. Teenagers who love Jesus
73. Families on TV who shine for Jesus like the Duggars and Robertsons
74. Charles and Andy Stanley and their Biblical teachings
75. Rick Warren
76. John Newton writing Amazing Grace
77.  People who minister to the homeless
78. Jesus is the good shepherd
79. Jesus is the resurrection and the life
80. Jesus is the living water
81. Jesus is the bread from heaven
82. The Lord's prayer
83. Green grass
84. Beauty of snow
85. Churches that have real prayer meetings
86. Faithful Bible teachers in churches across the world
87. Variety of colors
88. Mountains
89. Beach
90. Whales
91. Funny animals like dolphins and otters
92. Our dog
93. Christian bookstores
94. Christian radio stations
95. Hot water to shower with
96. Public school teachers who love Jesus
97. Christians who work in orphanages
98. Christians who work in our government
99. Francis Chan and his ministry
100. God's is omnipotent; God is able

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