Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 329- A Choir First

We had our community Thanksgiving worship service tonight.  We have a service with a couple of other churches to thank God for His goodness to our community.  The churches take turns hosting, singing, and preaching. Tonight, it was our year to sing.  Hannah Grace sang with the adult choir for the first time tonight.  I sang with Hannah Grace in the church choir for my "first."

Up until now, Hannah Grace has sung in the children's choir. She loved children's choir. She is now in the 7th grade and too old for children's choir (imagine sad faced emoji with a tear right here).  When we started talking about singing in the Thanksgiving service, Hannah Grace said she would like to do that. I was very happy about that, of course. So, we sang together in the choir tonight for the first time. That is something I definitely thank God for this day.

Here is something unique about this "first."  When we do our prayer and Bible reading at night, we sometimes sing a worship song (the kids used to say a Jesus song).  One of our very favorite songs to sing is "You are My All in All."  That's the song our worship leader picked out for us to sing tonight. She has no idea that song was special to us.  It was a special song for a special "first."  The greatest thing about it is Jesus.  The chorus of the song says, "Jesus, Lamb of God, Worthy is Your Name."  He is the only true Worthy One!!

A joyful noise

Rocking the choir

She likes my cap- it says, "God is good, all the time"

As I thought about this, I remembered that when Hannah Grace talked about singing with the adult choir I told her that several of her 7th grade friends have been practicing with the adult choir to sing in the Christmas musical this year. When she heard that several of her friends were singing that really encouraged her to sing as well. She felt much more at ease knowing that some other young ladies her age were a part of the choir.

It reminded me that our example can be a good encouragement to others. We teach much by what we do.  It is helpful to have friends that challenge us to grow in our faith. It is helpful to have friends who are stretching outside of their comfort zones to do things for and with Jesus that they've never done before (or I've never done before).  I find it very easy to get complacent and mediocre in my relationship with Christ living in the Bible belt culture.  Simply going to church and being nice is so accepted. Yet, there is sooo much more to following Jesus.  As I look back over my life, the times that I have grown the most in my relationship with Jesus were usually the times I had a challenging Christian friend; one who encouraged me by example (and words) to keep moving toward an ever increasing closeness with Jesus.  I trust you and me will have those kinds of friends and be those kinds of friends.

Thankful in the abundant life,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Singing in the choir with Hannah Grace
2. Hannah Grace's friends that joined the adult choir before her
3. Some guys at SLU that challenged me to grow in my college years

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