Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 324- A Boring Adventure First

Today has been a bit of a tough one for a "first." I tried a "first" or two today that did not work out but will another day. There have been some fun things for today to be sure.  One of our church families had a new baby. That's always exciting. I went to my first "Old School Men's Meeting."  It was not really a "first" since I've been to many men's meetings before, but if you live in Covington County, these are really good meetings for Christian men to go to on the third Thursday of every month. They have great speakers and a free steak dinner.

I was in a bit of a bind today for a "first."  One of the reasons for my year of "firsts" is that I believe Jesus came to forgive our sins, make us His, bring us from darkness to light make us new people, adopt us into His family (and the list could go on for a long time) and also give us an abundant life.  I felt my life needed some abundance and I wanted people around me to see the abundant life Jesus offers.  So, today I took an online test to test my adventure quotient for my "first."

I had to answer 77 questions.  This is not counting the preliminary questions. I loved one of the preliminary questions.  It said, "Gender, choose one."  Really?? Are there people who would choose two? I guess in our day that could be confusing for a few people but I'm positive I nailed that one.  I was able to ace the preliminary questions. I know my gender, state I live in, language I speak, marital status (and am very happy about my marital status) and my age.

I scored a 56 out of a hundred on my adventure quotient.  The test results said, "You need a moderate level of excitement and stimulation - not too little, not too much. You could probably handle a minor adrenaline rush, but not to the point where you're fearing for your well-being. This allows for just the right balance of excitement and relaxation on your adventurous escapades."  They are correct about the part where I don't want adventure to the point of fearing for my well-being.  Fearing for my well-being is not something I enjoy on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis.  I think the questions about would I rather skydive, bungee jump, or eat in a new restaurant really cost me.  The new restaurant is pretty cool, but not the others.  I never picked bungee jumping or skydiving as my answer on any question and those answers were on several questions.  I'm all about abundant living,  but things that could possibly cost me my life are not that enticing to me. I started the year by writing on day 1 of this blog, "I do not plan on doing anything that I have to sign a piece of paper that has the words "in the event of death" on it."  I have stuck to that conviction.

Start of a great adventure

The abundant life is not simply a life for an adrenaline junkie. It is also not a life that sits and watches Sports Center or Fox News during most of one's spare time.  It is adventurous to follow Jesus and that part of adventure I do want to increase.  I have a hard time believing the disciples ever felt life was tame, boring, or mundane while following Jesus.  He was kicking demons out, healing people, feeding people, getting into trouble with important people, and teaching them things that had to weird them out a little (think drink my blood sermon or I'm going to Jerusalem to die).  I know I'm not living in that time or place, but I do want to make sure I'm following Jesus and not simply going to church and saying I believe the right things.  I think abundant living has a lot to do with generosity, courage, freedom, compassion, grace, and love. Those things can be tough and hard at times.  How about loving the person that has betrayed you or giving grace to the person that has disappointed you 14 times.  It is not just being a doormat to the world but following the One who had more courage, compassion, and freedom that anyone else who has ever lived.

So, I kind of wanted to score higher on the adventure test.  I guess I am not an adrenaline junkie.  They say that public speaking is one of the greatest fears people have and I do that about 3 times a week. How come that wasn't on the test??  It is not adrenaline or adventure, but Jesus I need to be seeking.

Seeking the One who calls us to abundant living,

3 things I thank God for today
1. Old School Men's meeting
2. Jesus' courage
3. A new baby in our church family

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